It is a common belief in India and in various parts of the world that smoke which is generated from burning of incense is filled with mystic healing power. Essential oils, resins, aromatic chemicals and gums are used for making traditional Indian incense, sometimes biotic materials such as barks, leaves, charcoal, seeds, roots and flowers are also used.  One can choose from direct or indirect burning type or from masala and charcoal type of incense and each of this incense has their own medicinal properties.

As a result incense has long been used in healing practices like Ayurveda. Though it is not used in mainstream healthcare, its effectiveness is hard to undermine. As a result incense is widely used till date as an effective method of treating different kinds of sicknesses. Certain incenses are quite well known for their medicinal properties.

Medicinal Properties of Incense:

The aroma of different types of incenses when absorbed by our olfactory nerves generates an impulse in our brain and it might influence our perceptions, hormones, nervous systems and emotions. This unique property of incenses has been made use of for thousands of years in order to treat several diseases and purify the air around us.

  • Frankincense:A well noted incense with some distinct medicinal features is the Frankincense. The most striking feature of frankincense is that it can also be eaten raw prior to the addition of artificial chemicals and color. It is regarded that the Frankincense is very be effective in the treatment of arthritis and helps the digestion system. It is also known for its insect repellant properties and is therefore widely used in common Indian households. Frankincense is also used for the treatment of depression as well as cancer.
  • Myrrh:It is another form of incense which is widely used for medicinal properties. It has been used for thousands of years to treat the problems of spleen, heart and liver. It is also effective in cleaning stagnant blood from uterus. Myrrh is also widely used in the treatment of rheumatic disorders, arthritis and circulatory complications. This substance is chiefly used in Ayurvedic treatment methods and still regarded as a reliable incense with medicinal properties.
  • Dragon’s Blood:A common incense derives its name from its color. It is obtained in the resin form from the cinnabar tree. This substance has always been used in ancient alchemy and medicines. Its chief medicinal properties allow conventional health practitioners to treat diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems. It is also effective in curbing the complications that arise due to dysentery. Conventional treatment methods also make use of Dragon’s blood in treating oral and intestinal ulcers. Internal trauma, menstrual irregularities and chest pain can also be treated effectively with this incense.
  • Styrax Benzoin:Some incense which contain Styrax Benzoin a type of resin are used for reliving patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis and cold as the aroma of this resin soothes lungs and the resin is also noted for antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties.

Aroma Therapy Incense are also much popular because of their medicinal advantages. It is nowadays possible to shop for these incenses online. The advantage of online shopping is that consumers need not go from one store to another in search of their desired product. Instead, they can sit back at home and order the delivery of the products right to their homes.

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