Holi is celebrated with love and friendship in India. It is usually a socially important festival, all should be drenched in colors of love, friendship and brotherhood and wash all the differences.

The Holi festival is celebrated in two days. The fiery half of the lunar month (Shukla Paksha) is the full moon day Chotshi Holi (Little Holi) or Holika Dahan and the evening is a fire called the Holga Dahan. It is also called Jalaneli Holi (Holy of Fire Rishual).

The next day is the dark half of the lunar month (Krishna paksha) from Chandra month (Pratibata) which is Rangwali Holy or Dhule; Holi playing colors.

Rituals attracts wealth

The main emphasis on this matter is that the days of Holga Dahan (March 1, 2018) or Rangvali Holi (March 2, March 2, Holi colors).

The fire ritual (fire) dried leaves, dry wood, old and abandoned wood furniture, cardboard and other combustion material piled up in the open area into an open area. Do not use petrol or kerosene as it will spoil the sacrament of the ritual.

108 times the following mantra.

“Om Prehlaadaye Namaha”

The next morning, eat ashes, eat some ash from the ashes and put it on your forehead, sitting in front of a statue of the image of the kubir (the lord of riches) says 108 mantras:

“Kuber tvamm dhanadheesh grihay te Kamla sthita,

Tvamm Devi presh aashutvamm madgrihay te namo namaha”

Always keep some gray with a yellow cloth in your pocket, then turn it into a new ash from the next ash in Holika Dahan. In this way you will be able to attract wealth throughout the year and be protected from negative forces.

Lush colors …

Key colors associated with red and yellow riches or prosperity. Red color is ruled by Mars, its use is the color of the royal quality, it gives the strength, curiosity and experience of earning wealth.

It is under the yellow jupiter, so it is a mixture of Rajsic and Satvik  qualities, which will have richer ways with wealth and happiness. So these two days can be used as much as the two colors compared to the other two colors. Avoid black color, which controls .

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