What is puja

A prayer is meditation to meditate for Buddhism and sacred spirituality to meditate or help. Traditionally, a monastery monks and nuns hold long life, health and their teachers, friends, beneficiaries, living organisms and prayers for world peace. Puja is done to prevent or spray three types of obstacles: world, inner and secret barriers; It prevents us from achieving our world and spiritual goals.

Pujas are performed for common success in patients, deaths, dead people and all actions. The powerful ways to deal with the difficulties in our lives are prayers and poojas, when faced with disease and death – our own and the person we like. We can be particularly comforted at times when we know something we can do for sick and those who die.

Guru Pooja

Guru Pooja practically consists of inspiration and demands from the spiritual master, who is regarded as the embodiment of the three ornaments, who are exhibited in the form of the Lama Tsong Kaba surrounded by the qualified field. The obligations of spiritual councils and disadvantages are renewed through the ritual practice. The Spiritual Master, the root and the spirit of the Spiritual Way, will be able to unite our minds in the Holy Spirit to receive the blessings of creating a sensible way of understanding.

The meaning of the word zero is “please”, which means that Guru Pooja “pleases priests or spiritual teachers”. Why should we please them? Because they are fully devoted to enlightening our inner capacity. In fact, we should not shine without efficient guidance, so they are more important than anyone else.

The idea of ​​”pleasing” our spiritual teachers is not just for our own benefit but for their own. We need to give us the ability or the ability to make our knowledge capable and to make it perfect. One of the best ways to do so is a beautiful prayer and prayer for three ornaments and our spiritual teachers.

Medicine Buddha Pooja

Seven prescription books seemed to remove the barriers on the joy of happiness, liberation and the ultimate joy of the whole Enlightenment. They are particularly powerful in healing diseases and negative karma purification.

Tara Pooja

The female Buddha includes Tara’s wisdom and the mercy of all the Enlightened men.

“… Tara’s mantra or fame is a blessing to twenty-one charity, Tara can solve many problems in your life: He will save you from death and help you recover from the business You will find a job and you will find a job and give you wealth. Like your life-threatening illness strongly


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