Yoga’s Shiva is not only the inventor of Yoga’s art, but also the best trainer in the world. He is often called Lord Shiva, because he destroys false, ignorant and ignorant feelings on the fire of his yoga devotion.

In many ways, the source of Shiva is a symbol of unshakable sensation. Kailash sits on his dwelling on Mount. There is divine games (Lila) with Yogi happy with his son Ganesh and his wife Parvathi, and occasionally associated (Jokes).


Lord Shiva, with three goddesses, Vishnu Prasanna forms. Lord Shiva destroys Lord Vishnu Together they create new and permanent movement, to create, protect and destroy the universe. Vishnu is not only maintaining the universe, but maintains charity or honesty, decent conduct.


Lakshmi is a permanent celebrity goddess, because she is imparting money and wealth. She portrays the distribution of gold coins from her hand, and Laxmi prays through financial crisis.

But material wealth is the end of Aishwarya – Laxmi seeks to provide spiritual wealth and the original blessings of his inner world, in all the gaps in the world, worthless and ultimately worth much more than the meaningless wealth.


Something less deeply angry mom than Durga’s anger. Durga is a safe mother. They will ensure their devotees against all the problems in the world. He will train a tiger and can be a hard Hindu mother or aunt, riding on business.


Kali is also the reactionary female force of Shakti, the famous Hindu religion (not only worshiping women as gods, but also worshiping all aspects of cruelty and anger). Kali is angry with his opponents, and his conservation and devotion to the devotees. Once upon a time, the time of calamity-the power to destroy everything. He often portrays the shaking of the head of Shiva because his traditional role is to kill the best enemy of mankind-the ego. If everyone fails, call the devious mummy.


Ganesh is the most famous god in the world. Shiva’s son (down), Ganesh has an elephant’s head – his role is the lord of tricks. Ganesh prays when he initiates any effort, and when a devotee faces difficulties in their lives or “loses”, the elephant comes to clear the way of the Lord.


Krishna Bhakti Bhakti, God is the ultimate playboy god who draws the maidens of the world for his divine play of his spiritual wisdom and playing the epic flute (think Divine brand Russell brand). He is the leader of Bhakti or Bhakti Yoga. His devotees can see music, song, dance or mantra to get closer to Krishna.

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