Theravada Buddhists

God faith

A superior Creator rejected the concept of God or at least the Theravada Buddhism is considered unsuitable. Buddha, “Awake!”, “Above all” – not “God”, but the Supreme Sage, as an absolute Enlightenment person.


Buddha is a man, full-minded spiritual teacher and inspiration. There are no worships of the worship of God, as God does not believe or be suitable to God.

Universe and Life look

Scientists consider this to explain the origin of the universe and the creatures. There is no contradiction with the scientific discovery, although many have created and rebuilt each part of the world in every way.

After death

Individual souls do not have any change, but with Karma’s law, a good or bad idea is recorded in mind. Negative moods continue through continuous rebirth until one becomes healthy. After fully enlightened, the liberated from the newborns, in complete selflessness, with the ultimate hope of nirvana – “the state of the dead.”

Why evil?

People want to make mistakes or free of charge. Evil, hunger, connection, and ignorance can be harmful when expressed through greed, hatred, and violence.


Enlightenment is a personal journey to nudity (complete bliss) – relieving suffering and reincarnation cycles – by adopting four Nobel chapters and eight-fold path. To remove the karma that causes the newborn reincarnation, one can instill confidence in himself, which will increase hunger, desire, and connections. The path to baptism includes love and kindness, compassion, moral conduct, love, wisdom, and meditation.

Harmless suffering

Unenlightened life is affected, and stopping this suffering is the main purpose of Buddhism – to get nudity and bring the rebirth cycle to the end. Misery is the result of past life, greed, hatred and ignorance, which returns as suffering (karma) while showing mercy to others who reduce karma’s effects.

Contemporary problems

Abortion is considered murder, and all the violence acts have a terrible karmic effect. Homosexuality is not condemned individually, but disagreements differ, especially in various Buddhist cultures – eg, Buddhists in the United States generally agree, and some Asian Buddhists are strongly opposed to homosexuality.


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