Akshaya Thiruthiyai

Main God      :  Lakshmi Devi

History :

The wealth will Tritiiya atcaya :


“Atcaya” means that if the segments. Mahalakshmi tirutiyai atcaya for this day. So on this day dedicated to prayer gives amazing results. Every year on the third day of the third month after the month amavacaikkup crescent day drawing atcaya tirutiyai day. Apr 08th day of the month of the year is Tritiiya atcaya on 21-04-2015.

Atcaya tirutiyai day the best day to worship ancestors, thinking. Because by the grace of ancestors, family, peace, health, aisvariyam available suggest that the scriptures.

Atcaya Tritiiya :

Ashta aisvaryankalaiyum, all endowments Lakshmi Devi’s exciting to live where there is no any items at homes .If we look at that like piety, energy, courage, patience, sweet talk, adult-respect, is confident that will not give it to someone as virtues.

Lakshmi will dwell location :

Always clean and startling wake up before sunrise to clean the house, the smell of tipamerriyum worshiped Sridevi ceykinranaro there will be permanent. Conch, yellow, saffron, camphor torch, basil plant, banana tree, gooseberry, such as complete Aquarius, cow, elephant, etc. will not be Thirumagal.

Mahalakshmi Puja :

At home women’s morning wake up, bathe, lamp, Mahalakshmi movie or rice is rich in copper, or water filled the smell tiraviyankalana menthol, Auctions, put the smell of flowers by their known mantra claiming pudding offerings made Mahalakshmi bowed back home Brahmas able to pick up the Dakshina the undecorticated batting Audio keep nuts in yellow, vermillion give us rejoice vanankinale Mahalakshmi come home.

Donate to the poor :

On this auspicious day, what we must do to win the main duty is to revere ancestors and elders.Atcaya tirutiyai of food to hungry in the day, for those who like to dress up giving us the help we can to help the poor and rich ayulutanum kuraivillatacelvamutanum to live happily.

Donate what you can give :

Worshiping God on the tremendous contributions that will punniyattait. Umbrella, fan, writing goal, rice, water, character, food products, garments, their best offerings of cattle ceyyalamaksaya tirutiyai Day “nallutavi Day” to celebrate thanks to our ancestors.

Parasurama avatar :

Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu tirutiyai atcaya Day is celebrated as the birthday.Manimekalai atcaya character just got to this day. So the appetite of mutalmakkal pokkuvataiye was his duty.

Fatwas Moon Redress :

Curse of the Moon have been worn on the day of Akshaya tirutiyai atcaya began to grow again from the date Tritiiya atcaya Fatwas have been addressed. In view of this, on atcaya Tritiiya making things grow like the waxing moon.

Gold only :


Currently the gold buying day atcaya Tritiiya got acquainted.

According to the economic status of their home buying special ingredients. At least porutkalaiya buying special foods.Rice,Salt cirappanatutan buying.



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