Basil Leaves For Skin Uses

Basil Leaves for Skin, Hair and Weight Loss


Basil or “queen of herbs” is the most healthiest, sacred and wonderful medicinal ayurvedic herb. It belongs to the mint family-Lamiaceae. The aromatic herb is full of nutrients and medicinal values. It is used to make variety of recipes. There are about 35 types of basil species. As far as ayurveda treatments are concerned, the holy herb is used in about 300 treatment cases.

 Why basil leaf for health?

This is a very important question why basil leaf for health? There are few ayurvedic herbs like basil, which is probably used to treat all types of diseases viz. from coughing to cancer since the ancient times. That’s why, it is known as the healthiest herb in the world.


Basil leaf uses for skin beauty

Basil is amazing for your skin beauty. Being having antiseptic properties, it is a useful natural remedy for multiple skin problems and conditions. If you want flawless, blemish and acne free skin, use basil leaves.

  1. Acne and pimples: The basil leaves help to remove toxins from the body thereby beneficial in prevention of acne and pimples. Applying the paste of basil leaves and neem cure acne and pimples.
  2. Skin scars: The paste of gram flour and basil when applied helps to lead to whitening of skin. Tulsi has anti-bacterial properties while gram flour helps to cleanse the skin.



Basil leaf uses for hair care

How to maintain healthy hair is the desired of everyone? There are many hair care tips available, which help to make your hair shiny and lengthy. Along with the diet rich in protein and iron, you can also use basil leaves for healthy hair.

Nutritional facts of basil leaves

1 cup of basil leaves has the following nutritional ingredients: Energy (23Kacal), Carbohydrate (2.65g), Protein (3.15g), Fat (0.64g), Cholesterol (0mg), Dietary fiber (1.60g), Folates (68), Niacin (0.902mg), Pantothenic Acid (0.209 mg), Pyridoxine (0.155mg), Riboflavin (0.076 mg), Thiamine (0.034mg), Vitamin A (5275 IU), Vitamin C (18mg), 



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