15 Medicinal Properties of Dried Ginger

  1. To Reduce Obesity

Take 50 gm of ginger powder and amla powder mixed together both and take on teaspoon of this powder mix in water, drink morning and evening to reduce obesity.

  1. To Cure Headache

When dried ginger is made into a paste and applied on the forehead the headache will be cured. Dried ginger tea cures the muscle pains ie, fibromyalgia symptom, headache, vomiting.

  1. To Cure Throat Infection

When there is throat infection and throat pain make the dried ginger into a paste and apply on the throat so that it will be cured.

  1. To Cure Indigestion and Diarrhea

When the dried ginger powder is taken in one tumbler of water and boiled and added with milk and sugar or jaggery and drank as a coffee. This cures the indigestion and diarrhea.

  1. To Cure Stomach Pain

It also cures stomach pain and fever. Sukku powder, along with lemon juice two measures and edible salt is eaten to cure the stomach problems. Sukku powder along with sugar is eaten to cure the ordinary and severe stomach pain.

  1. To Cure Cold and Cough

This acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug also. Take a pinch of dried ginger powder and ghee and jaggery and eat it on evening and night to cure cold and cough.

  1. To Cure Arthritis

Take 10gm sukku powder along with 5 ml castor oil and boiled like paste and eaten at night for 48 days to cure rheumatoid arthritis and joints swelling.

  1. To Cure Toothache and Mouth Odor

The garlic juice and dried ginger powder  is mixed with water, it can be used for mouth rinse. It reduces the mouth odor and also a piece of dried ginger is kept in the mouth to cure the tooth ache.

  1. To Cure Ashtma

To cure asthma, tulsi leaves are boiled with dried ginger and added with honey and drunken. Dried ginger powder is boiled along with garlic and the vapour is inhaled to cure asthma. Dried ginger powder is mixed with the tulsi juice and betel leaf juice each one spoon is eaten to cure the dry cough, cold with cough. To cure the woofing cough mint juice, salt and dried ginger powder are mixed and taken in.

  1. To Purify the Liver

To purify the liver which is affected by hepatitis fresh lemon juice 1 spoon, mint leaf juice- 1 spoon is added with a pinch of dried ginger.

  1. To Purify Blood

Dried ginger is mixed with honey or made into tea and taken in to remove the toxin and thus purifies the blood.

  1. To Prevent Stoke

If dried ginger tea is drunken daily before going to bed, the chance of getting all types of stroke is decreased.

  1. To Cure Acidity

Dried ginger tea along with the baking soda is mixed and eaten to cure the acidity. Also cures colic pain, pain in the bones, irritation in the chest, indigestion, stomach disorders, ear ache, head ache, runny nose are cured.

  1. To Increase the Immunity

Dried ginger powder one pinch is eaten along with enough honey and lemon juice daily to strengthen the body. The sukku which is taken in separately or along with honey to increase the body heat and increases the immunity.

  1. To Cure Fever

Take a pinch of dried ginger powder and a piece of jaggery mix it with honey and eat it. It refreshes the body and down the body temperature by increasing the sweat and thus cures the fever.

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