What Are Herbs?

Plants that are prized for their scent, flavor, medicinal benefits, or other assets are known as ‘herbs’. Herbs are usually used in foods, for making medicines, for pest control, and also for spiritual purposes. Since ancient times, the culinary and medicinal values of different herbs have been appreciated by almost every part of the world and among different cultures.

They can be classified into innumerable categories depending on their scientific family and genus. In this article, we will discuss two popular categories, namely Chinese herbs, and medicinal herbs.

Chinese Herbs:

 In China, the innumerable health benefits of herbs have been praised for centuries in their well respected medicinal systems. In fact, they were considered to be the most powerful treatment method in ancient times and many people from different countries relied on Chinese herbs alone to cure many diseases. In those days, herbs were often associated with miracles and magic. Chinese herbal medicine dates back to over thousands of years to approximately the rule of the Han dynasty. 


Medicinal Herbs:

Medicinal herbs treated most of the health ailments when there was no use of intricate medicinal instruments and drugs. These herbs worked wonders with their juices, extracts, barks, leaves, flowers, and sometimes the entire plant. They have been popularly known as medicinal herbs and their applications were passed on through many generations.


What Are Herbal Combinations?

You have probably heard the term ‘herbal combinations’. These are combinations of different medicinal herbs that work better together than they do by themselves. These specific combinations are made by considering different aspects and phases of health needs. They are powerful nutritional agents with the goodness of many herbs mixed together to ensure good health, as compared to a single herb being used for one treatment at a time.




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