Main God: 

Arulmigu Amanalingeswarar

Location  :

Arulmigu Amanalingeswarar Thirukoil

Thirumoorthy Malai


Festivals : 

Mahashivarathiry festival celebrated in this temple ,Every tamil month of “masi” Theypirai sathurthi thithi(at moon depreciating eve).At this festival day ,the devotee’s are fast ,and they avoid sleping and pray the lord.

      In the tamil month of Aadi,at new moon day,the volunteers are come and take bath at Thono river.Similarly ,Tamil new year day Aadi perukku,and every new moon day the devotee’s are together and pray the lord.


Four pujas are performed on Mahashivarathri day in February-March. The devotee crowd is usually huge on Aadi new moon day (Aadi Amavasya in July August), Thai new moon day-Thai Amavasya- in January-February, Mahalaya Amavasay-new moon day in Purattasi in September-October.

      Special pujas on Sundays at 12.30 p.m. and special pujas in Aavani Sundays in August-September and annual abishek days in August are the festive days in the temple.

Workship Timing :  

The temple opened at 6.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M continnuslu .Daily three times pooja for this temple.

History : 

Of the many places sacredly attached to Lord, Tirumurthi hills occupy a significant place, because, it is believed that Lord graces here invisibly as a child. He imparts all boons the devotee asks for. Thirumuthimalai is also the place indicated by Lord Shiva to Sage Agasthya to have His Kailash wedding darshan. The place is also revered as Panchalinga Sthala, hence praised as Kailash of South.

      The sage and his wife prayed to the three Lords that they be born to them. With a view to fulfill their wish and to show the height of chastity of Anusuya, the Lords appeared before Anusuya when the sage was out of their hermitage. They demanded Anusuya to serve them nude. Anusuya spilled water on them and made them new born children and breast fed them nude. This happened in this Tirumurthimalai.

thitumoorthymalai_temple (4)

Legend :

      Lord Shiva in the temple has many names as Mummorthi Andavar, Tirumurthi Andavar and Amanalingeswarar. The name Amanalingeswarar represents the story of celebrated Rishi Pathni Anusuya who served the Three Murthis in a nude manner. Sandal paste worship is famous in the temple. Devotees throw the sandal balls on the Lord. If the ball falls and sticks on the forehead of the Lord, it means their prayers are granted. Lord Shiva graces here as a Guru, hence Lord Dakshinamurthi worship is considered very important in the temple.

      Sage Athri and His wife Anusuya were staunch devotees worshipping the Pancha Lingas in this place. It is believed that they are still here worshipping the Lord daily. The Three Lords are said to have come to the Eight Pillared Mandap and stayed here. As children, They were playing here when a boulder from Kanjamalai hill rolled against him.

      Saptha Kannikas placed seven pieces of turmeric to stop the rolling stone and saved the Murthy Children from being crushed. Mummuthis merged in the stone. The Saptha Kannikas merged in the turmeric pieces. There is a separate shrine for Saptha Kannikas (seven virgins).


 Lord Vinayaka of the temple is praised as Sundara Ganapathi. Lord Muruga is Balasubramanian. The soil has the reputation of having sage Athri Maharshi and his devoted wife Mother Anusuya as its residents in the past.

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