Main God :

Arulmigu Kariya Kaliamman


Location : 

Arulmigu Kariyakaliamman Temple
Kangayam Taluk,
Tiruppur District – 638 701.
Phone:04257 – 243096

Festivals : 

During the full moon day of every month 108 Agal vizhakku poojas are performed.During the new moon day of chitirai (chitira povurnami) -108 Sangu pooja, 1008 Kuthuvizhakku pooja is done along with abhishega.

Yearly Special Pooja’s:

1.During chitiraikkani: (The first day of the tamil month chitirai)- Tamil new year Special pooja will be performed with alangaram, abhisegam and prasatham will be given.Devotees will be given Annadhanam.

2.During ‘Pongal Festival’: Yagasalai for three days, pooja, agnigragam, Swami Thiruveethi vula (Procession) ,Repeat or Maru pooja and turmeric water abhisegam wil be performed.

3.During these days thousands of devotees will be served with ‘Annadanam’ (Donation)

4.During Aadi 18; Urchavam festival and Annadhanam.

5.During puratasi Navarathiri: Nine day’s ‘kolu’ pooja. On the final day Abishegam , Alangaram, and special poojas will be performed.

6.During the month of Karthigai: Thirukarthigai deepam,Thirukkodi deepam, Special poojas and abhisegam will be performed.Annadhanam will be given.

7.During the month of Maarkali: 30 days maarkali pooja, will be performed along with special poojas.

8.During the tamil month of ‘Thai’: On the first day of Thai, the completion of maarkali will be performed with a ‘Kalasa Pooja’.Abhishegam wil be done with Kodumudi Theertham, Annadhanam will be provided.

9.Special poojas ,alangaram,abhishegam will be done .Annadhanam and prasatham will be given.

Workship Timing : 

1.Morning – 6 a.m – Festival pooja (with Koomatha Pooja 1008 adorations).
2.Morning – 8 a.m – Kalasadhi pooja.
3.Morning – 10 a.m – Small Kalasadhi pooja.
4.Afternoon – 12 noon – Uchikala pooja.
5.Evening – 5 p.m – Sayratchai pooja.
6.Night – 8 p.m – Rakkala pooja (Lalitha Sagastraranama Archanai)

History : 

Arulmigu Kariyakaliamman was considered as the ‘communal goddess’ of all the three tamil king the chelas, the czholas and the pandiyas. She has been identified with many significant and unique names like Thingalumara sadachi, Thunga Pathini, Thudiedacchi, oothiya uthiratchi, Udanpadi kariyakali temple was built during the period of the chera,czhola and pandiya kings and has a history of more than 1000 years.

The ‘Kaniyalars’ are the people of right for each and every ancient temple found in kongunadu. The paranchervali Arulmighu kariya kaliamman temple belongs to the kaniyalars of the following communities like: payir, sembha, othal ,aava, aada, and viliya. These are the six communities who have the ‘Kani’ rights of the temple. This temple and Arulmighu kariayakaliamman where most adored by these communities.

Paranchervali has many historic and historical significance. It has many other names which are found archeologically and in literature us.Pugal paranchervali, parancher palli, paranjai nagar, nattoor parancher vali, pugal paranjai, paranja nagar.etc.,

The place became in sufficient due to the pouring in of many devotees and when all the communities of vellalars assembles with families on festival occasions. The kaniyalar committee was formed in Thanthubi year on the 21st of vaikasi(04-06-1982).

Mr.Chinnasamy gounder of payira kulam as elected President, kangeyam chinnagounder valasu Mr.K.Samiyak gounder from samba kulam as Secretary, Vadugapalayam Mr.A.Thangamuthu gounder of Oothal kulam, Ayyan valasu Mr.K.Karuppana gounder of Aava kulam, Kuppakkuoundanpa valasu Mr.C.Muthusamy gounder of Aadai kulam, komarapalayam Mr.K.K.Velusamy gounder of viliya kulam ussumed pastings as joint seeretaries. It was decided that the committee will assemble in Arulmighu kariya Kaliamman Temple on the first day of every tamil month at 10 a.m.

All the committee members assembled at Arulmigu kariyakaliamman temple sought ‘Arul vaakku’ and received the orders.According to it 4.6.1982 , on that auspicious day, on Friday, between 10.06 and 10.30 the ‘Muhurthakal’ was instated in the presence of religions and learned people like.Kulaguru sri la sri .Balasakthi saiva sivakami panditha guru swamigal,Davathiru. Santhalinga Ramasamy adigalar, Davathiru Sundara swamigal, and koonamppatti madam shri.Saravana manickka swami. A van was purchased for the conveyance of the committee members.

The portraits were drawn with the help of stapathi A.L.Ramachandran who is recognized by the government.Later the karthas , and stapathi worshipped the great goddess.The entire group went to south pandiya kingdom where usually the breeze is gentle. They reached the thenkasi- senkottai hillsides of Tirunelveli District. They saw various iconographic sculptures there.They selected after keen selected the statue made out of ‘yavana’ stone. It was handed over to the senkottai sculptor Late.Mr.Sudalaimuthu Aachari using human force the statue was brought crossing six taluks and was sculpted.


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