Arulmigu Kasinatha Swamy Devasdhana Temple’s – Ambasamudram

Main God    :  Lord Kasinatha Swamy

Deities        :  Lord Kasinatha Swamy / Goddess  : Thirumulanathaswamy, Veeramarthandeswarar, Ammaiyappar, Arasadi Vinayagar, Kanni Vinayagar, Sundaravinayagar

Location     :  Arulmigu Kasinatha Swamy Devasdhana Temple’s,

Arulmigu Ammaiyapper Temple Valagam,

Ambasamudram – 627 401,

Thirunelvelli District.

Phone : 04634 – 253921.

E-Mail : [email protected]

Festivals  : 

1). Chithirai – Theerthavari Pooja

2). Vaikasi – Visagam,Subramaniya Perumanukku Abishega Arathanai.

3). Aadi – Aadi Pooram

4). Aavani – Vinayagar Chaturthi

5). Puratasi – Navarathiri Festival

6). Ayypasi – Annabishegam

7). Karthigai – Somavara Pooja, Maha Deepam

8). Markali – Thirupalli Eluchi Pooja

9). Thai – Thai Amavasai Special Abishegam’s, Theerthavari, Bathra Deepam 10008 Deepam, Thai Poosam

10). Maasi – Sivarathiri

11). Panguni – Panguni Big Festival 10 days.

Arulmigu Thirumulanathaswamy Temple Festival’s :

Nithya Pooja, Pradhosam, Pournami special Villakku Pooja, Sasti, Karthigai, Navarathiri, Sivarathiri, Bairavar Pooja.

1). Aani – 10 days festival Brahmotsavam

Arulmigu Ammaiyappar Temple Festival’s :

Pradhosam, PournamiVillakku pooja, Markali Maatha Pooja, Ayypasi Annabishekam.

Arulmigu Arasadi Vinayagar Temple Festival’s :

Sankatahara Chaturthi, Vinayagar Chaturthi

Workship Timing    :

The temple is opened from  : 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Pooja :

Arulmigu Kasinatha Swamy Temple Pooja’s :

The Six Kala Poojas will be conducted only in these Special Days Pradhosam, Karthigai, Pournami, Sathurthi, Astami Pooja.

Arulmigu Thirumulanathaswamy Temple Pooja’s :

Nithya Pooja, Pradhosam, Pournami special Villakku Pooja, Sasti, Karthigai, Navarathiri, Sivarathiri, Bairavar Pooja.

Arulmigu Ammaiyappar Temple pooja’s :

Pradhosam, PournamiVillakku pooja, Markali Maatha Pooja, Ayypasi Annabishekam.


History :

Sage Kashyapa performed a yajna dedicated to Lord Shiva and had the Darshan of Lord. The sage begged the Lord for a Linga for his puja and he was granted the wish. The sage installed the Linga now known as Kashyapa Linga and later changed as Kasipa Linga.

Greatness of Temple :

A king of Kerala fell ill which could not be cured by the best physicians of the day. A voice advised the king to make a doll of black dhil (Ellu), transfer the disease to the doll and donate it to a Brahmin. King followed the advice. A poor Karnataka Brahmin youth accepted the doll donation. The king also gifted to him valuable gems and diamonds. The doll became alive and told the youth that it would leave him if he parted with it half the benefit of the Gayathi mantra chanting he had done so far. The youth agreed and freed himself from the disease he acquired from the king through the doll.

The youth wanted to spend the material gifts he got from the king for a public cause. He proceeded to Pothigai hills to seek the advice of Sage Agasthya. Before leaving, he left his valuables with the Archaka of the temple to get it back after his return. The Archaka-priest gave the youth a dal bag when he returned. The youth took the case to the king. The priest simply told the king that he did not receive gems but only dal. When asked to depose before the Lord, the priest unhesitatingly spoke lie in the temple. Angry Lord burnt the priest. The youth begged the Lord to restore the priest to life again and the merciful Lord responded to youth’s prayer.


Based on this event, Lord Shiva is named Erithatkondar and Erichudayar. Erithal in Tamil means burning. The first puja is dedicated to Erithatkondar in the temple. The youth spent the wealth he got from the king by digging a canal nearby which is known as Kannadian (native of Karnataka) canal.

The temple is on the northern bank of River Tambiraparani. According to Agama Rules, six time puja is followed in the temple. Mother Maragathambikai graces from a separate shrine. Those seeking child boon offer bangles in the shrine and hang cradles. As Mother is all merciful as an ocean, the place is named as Amba Samudram (ocean).


Even after burning the priest for his fraud, Lord did not become normal in temperament and continued to be furious. Mother Parvathi requested Lord Vishnu to cool Him down and restore him to mercy as before. Perumal brought Shiva to normalcy. Perumal graces in the temple from a shrine opposite Shiva shrine. Lord Nataraja in the temple is praised as Punugu Sabapathi. Pujas are performed to Him only on a Thaipoosam day coinciding with Thursday.

It is believed that Tambirabarani is a confluence of Seven Theerthas – Devi, Shala, Kasipa, Kirumikara, Deepa Kokila etc. Lord visits the river on Thaipoosam, Thai new moon day and Chithirai first day. The wedding festival takes place on Uthiram star day in Aipasi-October-November. Lord comes in procession draped in Red on the 7th day of Panguni festival. On the 8th day Lord comes in white. Then He grants darshan to Sage Agasthya in Green. This is a very famous festival in the temple. Anugnai Vinayaka graces in the temple.

Arulmigu Ammaiyappar Temple

The east facing temple is located at the heart of the Ambasamudram town near Arch and bus stand. It is a small temple and does not have tower. It is a popular temple in this town.

The sanctum sanctorum has a big Shiva Linga idol named Ammaiyappar. The shrine is facing the east direction with Nandi facing it. The Goddess Mattuvar Kuzhal Nayaki is in an attractive stylish standing posture in a separate shrine facing the north direction.




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