Arulmigu Kottai Periya Mariamman Temple – Salem

Main God    : Lord Mariamman

Location     : Arulmigu Kottai Periya Mariamman Temple

Salem -636 001

Phone : 0427 – 2267845

Festivals    :

Festivals such as Vinayaka Chandhurthi, Navarathri (nine nights) Deepavali, Krthikai, Thai Pongal, Sivarathri (Lord Sivas Day ) Tamil New year celebrated every year.

The famous Aadi Festival is conducted every year in the Tamil month of Aadi for 22 days in a religious and harmonious ways Lakh and Lakhs of people gathered during this festival to got dharsan of this Goddess.

Important festivals :

Festivals such as Vinayaka Chandhurthi, Navarathri (nine nights) Deepavali, Krithigai, Thai Pongal, Sivarathri (Lord Sivas Day ) Tamil New year celebrated every year.

Workship Timing  :

Mor 6.00 A.M. to 2.00 P.M – Eve 4.00 P.M to 9.00 P.M

Pooja Timing   :

The abisheka aradhanai is being
regularly done from 12 noon to 2 PM

History of The Temple :

This temple was built during the periods of Chara Kings, as the present Salem District then belongs to Chara Nadu. The said place where the temple was built up was called as Fort. In the said Fort the then rulers built two temples, one Perumal Temple and another Mariamman Temple. The place where the Perumal and Mariamman temples built were called as Fort, the Fort was then guarded by the soldiers of Chara Kings.

The Mariamman Temple, known as Kottai Periya Mari is the guardian deity of Salem Fort during the Pre-British period. This is the oldest temple in Salem. The guardian deity namely Goddess Periya Mariamman was worshipped by the people of Salem for decades together.


The Goddess Periya Mariamman was then brought to the present place on the Eastern bank of the famous Thirumanimuthu Aaru (river), by Kanakasabai Mudaliar, Siva Sankara Mudaliar, Kumbabishekam was conducted later on and the Goddess Periya Mariamman is being worshipped by one and the Goddess Periya Mariamman is being worshiped by on and all in Salem Taluk and nereby Taluks.

The annual festival is usually held in the months of July-August every year, Even there is a famous poem which speaks about the temple as ?When the Fort was found, the Periya Mari was also found and when the Salem was found the Periya Mari also found?, Which will prove that the Temple is an ancient temple and the incarnation of the temple is dated before five centuries, it belongs to Prehistoric period.

Importance Of Architecture :

There are 9 stone pillars inside the sannadhi Mandapam. At the bottom of the pillars beautiful sculpture are curved Depicting a devotee worshipping the Amman at the bottom of the Kilimandapam (Parrot mandapam) the Sculpture Amman beating the Arakkan by Leg is beautifully curved. Malaimari is curved at the top of the pillar.

The Goddess is known as Malaimari. Mari means rain. So as and when rain fails Devotees prayed the Goddess and abishekam and festivels are conducted. She will inturn give rain to the public devotees and help them from drought and to produce agricultural produces.


The Goddess Kottai Periya Mari reliever her devotees from all diseases and physical troubles. The diseases such as small pox and chicken pox are completely cured by the Goddess, when the affected person devotionaly pray.

Likewise for the other physical disturbance and troubles, the devoties used to pray The God and they will come to the temple and they will make Angapradhashanam by way of coming around the temple in rolling the entire body on the temple prakaram.

By way of submitting kannikkais such as doll having the appearance of human being, the Kannadakkam, which is made up of a Gold, Silver or metal plate bearing the impression of eye of human being, for the curing their eye problem, by the Goddess.

The devoties also used to put kum-kum along with salt on the Palipeedam of the temple for the relieving of the troubles in their business, agriculture and protecting the cattles from diseases. It is the sole belief of the devoties that the Goddess is protecting them from all sorts of natural and unnatural calamities.




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