Main god :

Arul migu Madhava Perumal



Location : 

Arulmigu Madhava Perumal Temple


Chennai–600 004



Festivals : 


Special poojas are conducted during all the nine nights of Navarathri in the month of Puratassi (mid September to mid October) for Her Holiness Mother Aranganayagi who embodies all the powers of the Universe. On the tenth day of Navarathri i.e. during Vijayadhasami, the deity of His Holiness Lord Perumal is carried in a procession to the main entrance. There after special poojas, the Utsav of firing bow and arrow towards the Vanni tree takes place. The blessed bow and arrow from the hands of His Holiness Lord Perumal is taken and passed on to a member of the Vedhavyasapaatar Community which in is then passed on to the Locality’s Gowder who after all the necessary pooja will start firing the arrow towards the Vanni tree. After all the ceremonies His Holiness Lord Perumal is taken in a procession into the temple from where he provides vision to his devotees.


Special Five Saturdays

Odd numbered Saturdays of Puratassi brings prosperity. Therefore special worships are held on all five Saturdays of the month of Puratassi signifying the austerity of the days. If the month has four Saturdays only, the last Saturday of the month of Aavani or the First Saturday of the month of Ippasi is considered as the 5th Saturday.

These days brings prosperity and are treated as special occasions for the devotees who undergo a fast.


Vaikunda Ekadhasi

The month of Margazhi (December – January) sees a flurry of activities dedicated to His Holiness Lord Perumal. Every morning during all the ten days of the Vaikunda Ekadhasi His Holiness Lord Perumal is taken on a procession around the temple with verses from Aalvar recited invoking His blessings. On the 10th day the Lord appears along with Her Holiness Nachiyar in front of the Devotees. On the eve of Vainkunda Ekadhasi His Holiness Lord Perumal raises up to the golden gates of heaven and from there provides a heavenly vision to His devotees.

The Temple Car Festival

The Temple Car Festival is celebrated at the beginning of the birth of thestar sign of His Holiness Lord Perumal. The star sign of His Holiness of the temple is Aastha. The signs Aastha and Rohini have similar facets. Therefore at the beginning of the Star Sign Rohini the Car festival is commenced and its ends during the birth of the star sign Aastha. The festival is commenced with hoisting the Holy Flag on the first day followed by the Holy Car processions on subsequent days. Shimmavaganam, Anumandha Vaganam, Karuda Sevai, Thiru Kalyana Pushpa Vimana Utsav are the Holy Cars which are taken in a procession for four subsequent days after the Holy Flag Hoisting.

Yearly Festivals




–   Tamil New Year, Sri Ram Navami, Sri Ramanuja Jayanthi


–   Nammaalvar Thirunatchatram, Narashimma Jayanthi, Pattar Thirunatchatram


–   Sri Chakkarathalvar Thirunatchatram


–   Thakshinaayanapunya Kaalam, Aandaal Thiruvaadipooram



–  5 Saturdays, 9 days navarathiri utchavam


–   Sanai Mudhaliyar Thirunatchatram, Manavaala maamunigan Thirunatchatram, Deepavali


–   Thirumangai Aalvar Thirunatchatram, Thiru Karthigai Deepam


–   10 Days Utchavam, Vaikunda Aegathashi, 10 Nights Utchavam


–   Pongal, Kurathaalvar Thirunatchatram


–   Thiru Ther Festival (CAR festival) 12 Days


–  Sri Ranga Naachiyar Panguni Uthram

Workship timing :

    • 7.00 A.M – 11.30 A.M    4.30 P.M – 09.00 P.M
    • Temple Opening time in month of Margali
    • 5.00 A.M – 11.00 A.M     4.30 P.M – 08.30 P.M


History :

TWO ANCIENT temples dedicated to Lord Narayana with the two sacred names Madhava and Kesava are lying in the heart of Chennai in Mylapore.

According to Mayurapuri Mahadhmiyam in the Brahmandapuranam, when Sage Vyasa requested the Lord to show him the holiest of places where he could do penance, He pointed out to Madhavapuram (Mylapore) where Sage Bhrigu had earlier set up a hermitage and did penance.


It was very near the holy water source known as Santhana Pushkarani where all holy rivers merged on the Masi Makam day. Those who bathed in it on that day would get all their wishes fulfilled, the Lord said. To add to the holiness of the place was the fact that Peyazhwar, the last of the three saintly men hailed as “Mudhalazhwargal,” was born in a 60-feet deep well known as Manikairavam, to the south-east of the temple, which exists to this day in Arundale Street, though in a neglected condition.


The author of the work known as Moondram Thiruvanthathi, which forms part of the Nalayira Divyaprabandham, is hailed as “Thamizh Thalaivan” by Thiruvarangathamudhanar in his Ramanuja Nootrandadhi, extolling the greatness of Saint Ramanuja.


While the other two Azhwars lit the lamps with the help of earth, sea and sun (Poigaiyar) with love, eagerness and thought (Bhuthathar), Peyazhwar was able to see with the help of the lights lit by the other two, “Thiru” (Mahalakshmi) first and the Lord next. The temple of Madhava Perumal is said to be very ancient, though its history is traced back to only 800 years from now, according to available records. The temple faces east with a five-tier Rajagopuram at its entrance, which was renovated and consecrated 40 years ago. Two more Samprokshanams were performed in the last 40 years, once in 1977 and again in 1992. The presiding deity in the sanctum sanctorum is in a sitting posture along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. The Lord is hailed as Kalyana Madhavan as He married Goddess Amritavalli, who was born as Sage Bhrigu’s daughter here.

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