Arulmigu Samayapuram Mariyamman Tiruchy

Main God:

Sree Samayapuram Mariyamman


Arulmigu Maariamman Temple,

Samayapuram – 621 112,

Trichy District,


Thai Poosam Festival – Thai Month

Thai Poosam Festival is being celebrated in grand full manner for 11days. The deity is being taken in procession daily both in morning and evening in different Vahanams. The deity is being taken in procession on Silvar Horse Vahanam, on eighth day night and in Theppam (Floating Festival) on Ninth day night. On 10 th day ie., on Thai Poosam the deity in taken in procession from Samayapuram to North Cauvery (coleroon) near Srirangam in glass palanquine for Theerthavari (taking bath) where goddess Mariamman is being honoured by Lord Sriranganathar by Presenting Seer Varisai (Gifts) to his sister Mariamman. On the 11 th day, the deity returns from coleroom to Samayapuram and the festival ends.

Poochoriyal (Flower Sprinkling Festival) : – Masi Month

The Poochoriyal Festival takes place on the last Sunday of month Masi. During Poochoriyal lot of beautiful flowers of various kinds are being Sprinkled on the Moolavar deity. More than a lakh of devotees visit to this temple for sprinkling flowers and to have Holy dharsan of the Goddess. The festival is spread over to 4 weeks ie., four Sundays during the moth of masi and pankuni and sprinkling of flowers are being offered every Sunday.

The special feature of this festival is that the Goddess herself adopts fast for 28 days for the welfare of her devotees. During these 28 days cooked food will not be offered as nivediyam, to the deity. Only simple rice flour, tender Coconut, Sugar Candy, Jaggery water, Butter Milk, alone are being offered as Nivediyam and Prasadam.

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Chitrai Festival : Panguni – Chithirai Months

This Maha Festival is being celebrated for 13 days. On the first Tuesday in the Month of Chitrai, ie., on 10 th day of festival, Goddess Mariamman is being taken in a decorated wooden car and pulled around the temple. This is called as chitrai ther festival. On Friday. ie., on 13 th day of festival the Goddess is being seated in a decorated float (Theppam) and pulled around the central Mandapam of Theppakulam. This is called floating Festival. During these festivals devotees gather in large numbers offering their Prarthanas such as taking Agni Chatti, Milk Pot and Kavadi and Tonsuring their heads etc.,



 Chitrai – Vaikasi Months

This festival spread over for 15 days. On the first day of the month vaikasi. (ie.,) on the first day of month vaikasi (ie.,) on 10 th day of Festival special Maha Abishekam will take place.

Navarathiri Festival – Purattasi Month

This festival starts from New Moon of the Month Purattasi ie., from Mahalaya Ammavasai and spread over for 9 days. The deity will be seated in Navarathiri Mandapam for Golu

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Worship timing:

Ushaad Kaalam06.00 A.M

Kaala Santhi 08:00 A.M

Uchi Kaalam 12:00 A.M

Saaya Ratchai 06.00 P.M

Saaya Ratchai IInd 08.00 P.M


he State of Tamil Nadu has several divine abodes of Goddess Shakthi. Shakthi cults prevalent in different ages are manifested in the temples. One of such divine abodes is Arulmighu Mariamman, Samayapuram in Trichy District. This Temple is known to occupy a prominent position among the temples dedicated to Goddess Shakthi. This temple is situated in beautiful land scape enriched by the Holy River Cauvery. The Temple is Situated in the Chennai – Trichy National Highway 15 K.M. from Trichy

Trichy can be reached by train from Chennai, Madurai, and places, and also by airways from Chennai. The Goddess Mariamman is very powerful, devotees. wishes are fulfilled by the Goddess. Persons affected by Chickenpox and Smallpox come to this place, stay here and pray the Goddess for speedy recovery. Abisheka Theertham (Divine Water) is sprinkled on them after Pooja and they get recovered very quickly. There is a separate rest hall for their stay in the temple.


Miracle Based : Mother Mariamman undergoes a fast for the welfare of mankind for 28 days from the last Sunday of Masi month-February-March. During these days no cooked preparation is offered as nivedhana but only some flour, orange, grapes and green coconut. For completing this fasting, abishek is offered to Amman only with flowers – Poo in Tamil and this event is known as Poo Choridal.

      In ancient time This region was ruled by Chola Kings. Samayapuram is also known by the names Kannanur, Kannanpuram, Vikramapuram and Mahalipuram in ancient times. Flower sprinkling (Poochoridal) festival is conducted during the month of March and Chithirai Car festival is conducted during the month of April. Devotees offer prayer by rolling themselves around the temple prakaram (corridor) known as Angapradatchinam.

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple is one of the renowned Shakthi shrines of Tamilnadu. In recent times, the temple has gained a vast popularity. Devotees throng here from various parts of the country. The saying goes, “Samayapurthal will protect her devotees in times of need” (Samayapuram Mariamman Samayathil Kaappal – in Tamil). It is the faith of the people that Mariamman will protect them though they are far away from her in other places of the world.


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