Main God :

Arulmigu SubramanyaSwamy

Arulmigu Subramaniyaswami


Location : 

Arulmigu Maruthamalai Murugan Temple
Marudhamalai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641046
Festivals : 
In Murugan Temples all over the world Poojas, worships and prayers are conducted daily following a routine, in the morning, noon, evening and night, which devotees attend with offerings to the Lord. Apart from the daily Poojas, special auspicious festivals are also conducted in the temples annualy, almost every month, starting from the Tamil calendar month of Chitrai, which is from middle of April to the middle of the following month May, consequently every month till end of each Tamil year. This monthly festivals is conducted on the day in which the particular star occurs in that month. These special festivals begin early in the morning, with special abishegams followed by poojas and offerings through out the day, and culminate with a procession all over the town with the Lord in a charriot illuminated with colorful lights, accompanied by
1) Various types of musical instruments played by experts,

(2) Priests chanting Vedas,

(3) Othuvars (reciters) reciting devotional songs in Tamil and

(4) Multitude of devotees, the charriot returning to the Temple in the midnight or at dusk.
Car Festival

Sacared ash and theertham (scared fragrant water) and flowers are offered by the priests with the Lord’s blessings to the devotees all through this occasion. Such special festivals are conducted
Chittira Pournami ,  Vaigasi Visagam , Aadi Kritigai , Ippasi Sashti , Thiru Karthigai , Thai Pusam
Workship Timing : Viswaroopa Dharsanam – 06.00 A.M

Kalasandhi Pooja – 09.00 A.M

Uchikkalam Pooja – 12.00 P.M

Sayaratchai Pooja – 05.00 P.M

Ardha Jama Pooja – 08.30 P.M


Temple :

Subramaniyaswami Temple, Marudamalai is a popular hill temple dedicated to Hindu god Murugan, situated near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Like most Murugan temples, the temple is situated upon a hillock, part of the Western Ghats about 15 km west from the city of Coimbatore. Near the foothill, there is a temple for Pillayar known as the “Thaan thondri Vinaayakar”. There is a cave referred to as “Paambaatti Sitthar Kugai” dedicated to a Sitthar who lived here.

Car Festival

History :  

Lord Muruga is glorified as the God of mountain and mountainous regions in THIRU MUGURUGATRUPADI, a noted work of the Tamil Literature of the Sangam Age.The word Muruga is a comprehensive term, connoting several meanings such as sweetness, youthfulness, beauty, divinity and honey and therefore it is but natural for the Lord to have His abode amidst scenic beauty among hills and mountains. Situated at a height of about 500 feet in a plateau on the western Ghats, fifteen kilometres north west of Coimbatore, amidst lush vegetation and salubrious climate, Marudhamalai Hills, dedicated to Lord Muruga (Maruthachalamoorthy) is classified under KUNRUTHORADAL, one of the six main abodes of the God, the others being THIRUVAVINANKUDI (PALANI), THIRUPARANGUNRAM, (NEAR MADURAI), THIRUCHEERALAVAI (Thiruchendur), THIRUVERAGAM (Swamimalai) and PAZHAMUDHIRSOLAI (Azhagarkoil near Madurai), THIRUTHANI. Set against the backdrop of hazy blue hills dotted with shrubs and bushes of varied hues, the sacred shrine verily reflects the picture of Lord Muruga, magnificently mounted on his vehicle peacock, flaunting and swaying its feathers and plume in full bloom.


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