Best Lord Krishna Stories For Kids

Following is the collection of top 10 Lord Krishna stories for kids. Apart from being engrossing, we hope they will be good lessons for your children.

These stories of krishna for children are short adaptations of actual incidents, summarized for the ease of understanding. Kids can always learn a thing or two from Lord Krishna’s conducts and enjoy his mischief as well.

 Lord Krishna and Arishthasura:


This story is the best krishna story for kids.Here your child will know  importance of respecting teachers. One day a huge bull enters Vrindavan and starts attacking the villagers. People have no idea where it came from and ask Krishna to help them out. Sri Krishna on reaching the scene realizes that this bull is actually a demon. He tackles the bull to the ground and pierces its horn.

At the end of a fierce fight demon leaves the bull’s body and bows before Lord Krishna. He informs Shri Krishna that he was actually the Shishya (disciple) of Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter) and was cursed to be a demon bull because he did not respect his guru.

Moral – Respect your teachers and elders.

Lord Krishna and Kaliya the Snake:

Once a huge black serpent came to Vrindavan and started living in the river Yamuna. Because of his presence, the water of the river turned poisonous. People of Vrindavan were leading a miserable life when Lord Krishna decided to fight the snake. Soon the snake was defeated and Lord Krishna asked the snake to leave Vrindavan and never come back.

Moral – Good always wins over the Evil.

Lord Krishna and Butter:

This is one of the best lord krishna stories for kids. Shri Krishna loved butter as a child. The whole of Vrindavan was tired of his mischief when it came to stealing butter. Yashoda used to tie it high up from the floor in order to hide it from naughty Krishna, her son.

One day when Yashoda left home for some important work, Shri Krishna gathered all his friends. With their help, he reached the pitcher of the butter and they all had a good time eating it. Engrossed in their mischief, they did not realize when Yashoda had come back home. Everybody else ran for their lives and Krishna got a good thrashing.

Moral – Never disobey your elders.

 Lord Krishna and Govardhan Hill:

People of Vrindavan used to worship Lord Indra for timely rains every year. One year, Shri Krishna suggested that people should rather worship the Govardhan hill. This made Lord Indra very angry and he sent a storm to Vrindavan. To protect the people Lord Krishna picked up the Govardhan hill on a single finger. Lord Indra soon realized his mistake and apologized to Krishna.

Moral – Anger is not fruitful.

Lord Krishna and Forest Fire: 

Once, Krishna and his friends went deep into the jungle with their cows. They were so busy in their games that they did not realize a fire broke into the forest, all around them. Everybody was petrified and pleaded Krishna to help them. Krishna asked them all to close their eyes and not to open them until he asked them to do so. While everybody’s eyes were closed Krishna swallowed all the fire and hence protected his friends and cows.

Moral – Keep faith in God.

Lord Krishna and Varuna:

One day Nand Maharaj went to have a bath in the river Yamuna. There he was captured by Varuna and taken to his Kingdom underwater. As soon as the news reached Lord Krishna he reached to save his father. Varuna was delighted to see Lord Krishna and apologized for capturing his father. Krishna returned to Vrindavan with Nand Maharaj.

Moral – Love your family and fight for them during crisis.

Krishna and Yashoda:

One day, tired of Shri Krishna’s mischief, his mother Yashoda decided to tie him up. She brought a rope to do so, but realized it was very small. She got a bigger one but it turned out to be small too. Then she got yet another one but was unable to tie him. Soon she realized that there is something miraculous about her son. Finally Lord Krishna allowed her to tie him up, just to make her happy.

Moral – Believe in miracles.

 Lord Krishna and the Fruit Lady:

Once a lady who was selling fruits was crossing Shri Krishna’s house. Krishna wanted to have some fruit. He asked the lady for fruit but the lady demanded something in return. Baby Krishna grabbed a handful of grains and ran towards the door but all the grains fell in the way. On seeing this, the fruit lady was completely smitten by Lord Krishna and gave him all the fruits in exchange for whatever was in his hands. Soon she realized that her fruit basket was full of jewels and gold.

Moral – Give happiness and you will be rewarded well by the almighty.


Lord Krishna Named Govinda:

One fine day, Lord Krishna was approached by a cow named Kamadhenu. She informed him that she had come from Devloka (kingdom of heaven) to do his abhishek (part of crowning ceremony). She bathed him in the holy water brought from the heavens and thanked him for protecting the cows on earth. Lord Indra appeared with Airavata and further bathed Shri Krishna and told him that he will be known as Govinda, which means Indra of the whole world.

Moral – There isn’t a particular moral in this, but children get to learn how Krishna is called with different names.


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