Maingod: sri bagavathiamman


Bhagavathiamman Temple,
East Nadai,
Mandaikadu – 629252.
Kanyakumari District.


Masi Festival

Every year last Tuesday in the tamil month of “MASI” was celebrated as Mandaikadu Kodai Festival. Festival will start ten days prior to this, Sunday with flag hoisting in flag mast of the temple.

At the time of flag hoisting , morning priest along with devotees went for a holy bath and return with a pot of holy water .that holy water will sprayed all over the temple premises and cleaned. Then only the festival will start.

In continuation with this throughout 10 days every day 8.30 pm after the poojas held over, the goddess will procession around the temple streets.

Valiya Padukkai

It is a sixth day festival which held on Friday within the kodai festival. Even though poojas done for all 10 days.Pooja done at 8.30 pm in this sixth day has more importance and speciality.Lot of devotees will take part in this occasion.

Odukku Pooja

Odukku Pooja was held on the tenth day night at 1am.this is the last pooja of mandaikadu kodai festival.

Ettam kodai

Once the kodai festival was over , coming eighth day Tuesday will be called as Ettam Kodai. In the Ancient days , people around the nearby village peoples took part in this occasion. But nowadays people from all over district and nearby kerala state coming in large numbers to celebrate this festival.

Special bus services are operated from nearby towns for the devotees transportation.

Bharani Kodai

In the tamil month of panguni,star panguni will occur on one day. that day will be celebrated as bharani kodai. Peoples around the mandaikadu area believe that goddess mandaikadu Amman born in this day.

Workship timing:

Puja Timings
Morning 5.00hrs
Noon 12.30hrs
Evening 18.30hrs
Night 20.30hrs

Pujas performed on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday is believed as Special.

Prayer Commitments
Devotees offer silk cloths and Mangalsutra to the goddess. The handicapped offer limbs made of silver for cures. people also offer cradles in the temple for getting children. Crackers are fired to relief from the impact of evil looks and effects. Some use to have the food placed on the floor and eat it. This is known as Mansoru Eating.


Palkulam kanda sastha Temple
    Sastha Temple was located at 100 feet west direction away from Amman temple.
Palkulathankarai Pillayar Temple
    Pillaiyar Temple was located at 50 feet west direction away from Amman temple.
Nadvoorkarai Siva Sakthi Temple.
    Ancient siva temple was located at 0.5 kms north in Nadvoorkarai village from mandaikadu amman temple.


Welcome to Mandaikadu. It is a small coastal town in kaniyakumari district of TamilNadu State situated at the shores of Arabian Sea covered with lush green coconut trees.

Sri Bhagavathi Amman Temple – Mandaikadu

 Sri Bhagavathi Amman Temple is an important temple situated near to Nagercoil – colachel State highway in Mandaikadu .This Temple was built in kerala tradition in very simple style. Holy trees for this temple are Bo Tree and Neem . Pujas is performed four times daily.

Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Amman Temple is known as a Sabarimala for Women. The 15 feet tall anthill is the Bhagavathi amman. Women visit the temple with the Irumudi (a bundle containing puja items for the Goddess) as men go to Sabarimala.

His Holiness Sri Sankaracharya was performing Srichakra Puja with his Kerala disciples here. One day the Chakra did not turn back after the puja was over as usual. The Acharya stayed here itself and attained Samadhi. It is on this spot where the Srichakra existed, the anthill began to grow. Children playing this side and hitting the anthill were injured. Marthanda Varma, the king of Kerala came to know of these developments and built a temple and performed pujas regularly. Gradually, the temple assumed significance among the devotees. Today is a famous temple blessing the devotees.

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