Main god :

Om Sri Lakshmi Venkatramana Swamy

Deities :

Sri Padmavathi

Location :

Sri Lakshmivenkataramanaswamy Temple
V.V. Mohalla,

Festivals :

The temple management strictly follows prevailing religious customs in accordance with Agama and guided by the seer of Sri Brahmatantra Parakaal Swamiji at every stage. The Dharmika Vibhag decides and practices Pooja and Dharmika Vidhi Vidhans of Sri Vaishnava Tradition and conducts of pooja. Dharmika Vibhag observes unique sanctity of Hindu Sanathana Dharma and religious lore in the temple. The Sastras, Puranas, Sthala Mahatme and Alwar hymns unequivocally declare that, in the Kali Yuga, one can attain mukti, only by worshipping Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkatramana Swamy. There are 12 Archakas who take care of Dharmika Vidhi Vidhans and conducts of pooja day to day.

Workship timing :

every day   Sri Swamy Abhishekam
Sri Amma Abhishekam
Sri Krishna Abhishekam (Every Monday)
Sri Anjaneya Swamy Abhishekam (Every Tuesday)
Swamy Abhishekam in 1 gold Kalasha & 108 Silver Kalasha (Friday Only)
Ashtottara/ Kumkumarchane/ Navagraha Archane

Temple :

ontikoppal Sri Lakshmi Venkatramana Swamy Temple is one of the unique and well-known temples in Mysore, established in 1937 by the founder Sri Chikkannadasaru. The sanctum sanctorum which houses the awe-inspiring idols of the Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkatramana Swamy and Sri Padmavathi is situated in the main temple complex. The sacred temple of Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkatramana Swamy temple is located in the place called Vontikoppal on KRS Road Mysore. This is the reason the temple has got the name as Vontikoppal Sri Lakshmi Venkatramana Swamy temple and this temple and Pooja practices have acquired unique sanctity in Hindu Sanathana Dharma religious lore. The Sastras, Puranas, Sthala Mahatme and Alwar hymns unequivocally declare that, in the Kali Yuga, one can attain mukti, only by worshipping Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkatramana Swamy. The temple has its origins in Vaishnavism, an ancient sect which advocates the principles of equality and love, affection and prohibits animal sacrifice.


 As the temple has completed 75 years the Board of Trustees and the Devotees have decided to celebrate Vajra Mahotsava through out the year (2012-2013), please participate in Vajra Mahotsava programme with your heart and donate for the development of the temple and get the blessings of the Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkatramana Swamy and Sri Padmavathi.

History :
The present idols of Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkataramana Swamy and the tier Sri Padmavathi was originally in Tirumala Sagara Chatra, on the way to Melkote a few Kms from Pandavapura and that place is part of Tonnur village and these idol were worshipped by the local people. When Bhagavadh Sri Ramanujacharya came from Tamil Nadu, first he came to Saligrama of Karnataka thereafter he came to Tonnur, and it is said that he was worshipping these idols in person everyday. He stayed in Tonnur from 1099 to 1111. At that time he was aged about 82 years and he stayed till his 93rd year, hence thereafter he left to Srirangam (Thiruchanapalli). To unify all the Sanathana Dharma among the people who were following Chathurvarnaashrama. He put lot of efforts to inspire Bhakthi among all irrespective of caste.

After Sri Ramanujacharya left Tonnur, it is learnt that an old woman in that village was opening the doors of the temple and she use to attend to cleaning and poojas.

Meanwhile, the founder of the present temple Sri Chikkanna Daasaru had a dream in which Lord Sri Venkataramana came and asked Sri Chikkanna Daasaru to take him away from Tirumala Sagara Chatra and install these idols in different place. But Sri Chikkanna Daasaru did not know whereabouts of these idols. At that time he approached the prominent astrologer Sri Sampath Krishna Jois, who was highly respected in the Mysore palace during Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar and Diwan Sir Mirja Ismail to advice him about the dream he had.

After Sri Chikkanna Daasaru approached Sri Sampath Krishna Jois and waited for a long period for his direction. One fine day Sri Sampath Krishna Jois told that there is one Lord Srinivasa is in Tirumala Sagara Chatra and accordingly Sri Chikkanna Daasaru came to this village, and found theses idols. Since the temple was under the Mujari Department Sri Chikkanna Daasaru after all the legal formalities and according to rules and regulations of the Govt. and got the directions from the concerned Govt. officials to sell these idols along idols of Alwars to Sri Chikkanna Daasaru at a nominal price and the idols to the present place and even the local residents in the village cooperated removal and shifting of Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkataramana and Sri Padmavathi idols.

At that time late Sri M.A. Srinivasan who was highly respected was the commissioner of the Mysore Municipality and under the law then prevailing had allotted the present plot bound on four side of road to install the idols accordingly. After getting this plot Sri Chikkanna Daasaru constructed a small temple i.e. existing temple in the year 1934 as it was in Thirumala Sagara Chatra. It was a very small structure only with the present sanctum of sanctorum and a small place to stand before Shukanaashi and Rangamantap was built. Today one can see the Lord from the road which is as it was in Thirumala Sagara Chatra.

At that time there was no infrastructure available and the temple was far away from Mysore City, a very few people would go to the temple and the very place population was virtually small, transportation was not available and thus the maintenances were difficult. In that manner temple went on for some years, later he also passed away. He desired that it should prosper so that people must have devotion and for that he constituted a trust and during his life time he was the Managing Trustee and he nominated highly respected people to the Trust and an registered document was executed, and the progress of the temple is there with the successive trustees.

The temple management strictly follows all the religious customs in accordance with Agama and mainly guided by the seer of Sri Brahmatantra Parakaal Swamiji at every stage. In fact the Utsava Murthi was given to temple then by then the Parakaal Matt Swamiji Sri Ranganath Brahmatantra Parakaal Maha Swamiji at that time.

The present Gopuram and Garudagamba were inaugurated by Sri Kengal Hanumanthaiah former Chief Minister of Karnataka along with Sri Ramanuja Brahmatantra Parakaal Maha Swamiji. Now the temple administration is guided by the present Sri Vaageesha Brahmatantra Parakaal swamiji.

It was decided in 1972-73 to hold Brahmotsavam on the day of Vijayadashami every year. The Temple Trust has made a beautiful Chariot for Utsava Murthi. The Utsava Murthi will be taken in procession from the temple road and it moves up to Chandramouleshwar temple with pradakshina the procession will return to temple.

Today the Lord Lakshmi Venkataramana Swamy has Saligrama Haara which consists of 108 Saligramas and these were brought from Nepal. The Lord has Diamond Kirita which is worth of several kgs of Gold, Pearls and Gem stones.

This year the temple is completing 75th year and on this occasion the management and the Devotees have decided to hold Vajra Mahotsava. In memory of this Vajra Mahotsava temple is making Shanka and Chakra in gold and the required Gold has been already purchased. There is also a proposal for making Abhaya Hastha in gold.


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