Fasting husband’s life-saving karataiyan Nombu

Type                  :  Hindu girls

Signification  :  Fasting husband’s life-saving karataiyan Nombu

Festival :

Sumangalis-married women pray for the strength to protect her husband’s life would follow the fasting karataiyan celebrated today. Observe the fasts of Ramadan, celebrated every year karataiyan Hindu girls have been pleased. The husband of the married women in their life this Lent Also, a healthy, strong, live, unmarried virgins to get married as soon as possible, in order to reach good kanavarmarkalai used to wear yellow wire.

Karataiyan fast start this year on Wednesday and Thursday, 9.45 pm and ends at 9.15 pm.

During the veneration of the Goddess Kamakshi arulventi pujikka husband life long string of women have yellow. By performing this ritual every day the husband – wife and ancestors say unity will last.

Savory morsels Reach :

In the women bathed in the early hours of the day of fasting, pujaiyaraiyai to clean. Coconut on top of a casket, the Mavi be placed. Kalacattirku sandalwood, vermilion, yellow-tinged, yellow ribbon is to build on its top. Put favorite Goddess picture near her shall assume cavittiriyakak. Resulting in karkalat raised sarcastic, raw rice flour, karamanip payarum is karatai produce the sweet mix. Its distinctive feature is being produced by the God who created the fasting. This name is the name of this viratattirkum. Time to look good on women marrikkolvar nuptial thread.

Truth, Savitri :

A year in the life of the truth and know that the king of the land of magic and love Him asvapati Savitri married the daughter. Aranmanaivaciyana she experienced many difficulties in the jungle, patiently accepted. Husband, blind uncle, laws, and she began to serve with love. Then came the day of the truth of the bio section. Savitri piriyave not leave her husband that day. However, he died suddenly fainted. Ematarmaraja his life, followed emanaip Savitri, who had turned away. Top karpukkaraci because the husband die, knowing that we have the confidence to marry him, she ematarmar darshan, she told me to go back. But he refuses to update Savitri, her husband’s life heard nothing except the promised boon.

Resourceful :

Savitri immediately be resourceful, and my in-laws want to see again. My father and baby boy to be born without a male heir. I have a hundred children, she said. Ematarman think at least gave the gifts. I have a hundred children to be born, my husband would be alive! Give us return to his life as Savitri begged. Her knowledge and ability of ematarmaraja wondered cattiyavanai left behind. Women have the courage to win emanaiyum tikalntaval Savitri example. Due to her success, courage, patience, duty, etc. resourceful. All of these combined together teyvappiravi Consider her.

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