Benefits of Tulsi, Facts You Must Know

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Tulsi is worshipped, is offered the gods and is grown in many Hindu households not in vain but for a well-established reason – this humble, inexpensive herb comes loaded with a host of benefits. 

From warding off some of the most common ailments, strengthening immunity, fighting bacterial & viral infections to combating and treating various hair and skin disorders – just a few leaves of tulsi when used regularly can help resolve a host of health and lifestyle related issues.

Home Remedies:

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Tulsi can rightly be termed as one of the most commonly and widely used ingredients in many Indian home remedies.

From regular fever to some of the deadliest and most fatal bacterial and viral infections – tulsi can help cure or to some extent, facilitate treating most diseases.

Basil seeds control sugar

In a study which is at the initial stage, it has been seen that basil seeds are useful in controlling of blood sugar and management of diabetes.

Nutrition facts of basil

Basil is known as king of herbs and rich in phyto-nutrients. Basil is one of the herbs that is widely grown across the world. Basil has many nutritional benefits too. It is full of anti-oxidants.

What is basil herb?

Basil Herbs are very important plant for health point of view, especially for women who devote their time in kitchen. The basil plant has moderate height and good source of oxygen. It is  one of the best sources of oxygen. 




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