Products of indication: 

It  cleanses the oily scalp & hair gently without making it dry & prevents dandruff & hair loss

Net wt: 200 ml

Composition : 

Shikakai Liquid extract (Acacia concinna)-pods-10mg

Henna Liquid extract(lawsonia inermis) -leaf-10 mg

Reetha Liquid extract ( sapindus trifoliatus)-Fruit percarp -5mg

Phenoxyethanol( preservative)-1mg,Base-QS, Water-QS

Colour CL-no-(19140+42090)-0.02 mg

Direction for use : 

Take a drop full of the liquid on wet hands ,apply on scalp ,lather and rinse off

Caution: Avoid Contact with eyes


For Silky, Smooth & Conditioned Hair

Shikakai takes care of the scalp & also helps in cleansing and root strengthening

store in dry place ,away from direct sun light colour may vary




Sri Sri ayurveda Herbal


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