Benefits of Onions

Peel an onion again and what will you find out? The layer of health benefits layer. Onion is used as a base for many food and helps to achieve their true perfume efficiency. But be careful when preparing the onion: If the onion is too absorbed enough layers can be lost and lost. Do not be afraid when chopped onion.

Onion Best Health Benefits:

Preventing Diabetes

A single serving of onion contains 27% of your biotin DRI. Biotin has many positive implications for your health, one of which is fighting for symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes. Early research suggests that the mixture of biotin and chromium can help regulate blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance.

Healthy skin:

Biotin is important to maintain healthy skin. It is also used to prevent hair loss, treat haircare nails (research is still taking place as its performance in this regard) and maintain skin health.

Improved immunity:

Both the vitamin C and the onion of phytochemicals increases the vitamin C effect on your body. What does that mean? A healthy, highly effective immune system is what it does.

Preventing Cancer:

Quercetin is more than a funny looking word. This is a plant flavonoid (another fun word for plant pigment), which has strong antioxidants that fight free radicals against cancer. Free radicals that cause chemical damage to cell membranes and cell death. The quercetin has a lot of onions, which is a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer.

Depression Relief:

Quercetin can not stop there. It helps to protect your body against stress. Your body produces cortisol when you are stressed. When cortisol is completely normal, it can damage muscle tissue and the protein breakdown in the body. It is a curly-fried onion. During long term pressure, Quercetin breaks the enzyme required for cortisol release. Next time you have a tight timetable to get to work, bring a few raw onions to the toast!

Reduces fat:

Good onions promotes HDL production which is good fat that you should be healthy.


Onion can help prevent inflammation for those suffering from arthritis and arthritis. But the benefits of the bronze did not come with swollen joints; All illnesses are rooted in long-term strength, so everyone should seek out the harmful effects of foods.

Blood pressure decreases:

Sulfur in onion acts as a natural blood thinner and prevents it from collecting blood platelets. This is good for lowering blood pressure and preventing a risk of heart attack or strokes because you can be easily affected by blood transfusions.


The fiber which is good for maintaining healthy and regular digestive system is high. Fiber prevents the digestive tract and breaks down the food and makes it move.


Onion increases bone density in older women. In a study, 20% less menopausal women with dietary supplementation have been found to be underweight.


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