Rituals and Significance of Velleruku Ganesha

Velleruku Ganpati / Ark ki Jad / Aak ki Jar (Carved). This holy sculpture is highly worshiped by number of devotees across the globe. Enemies will become friends for those who worships Swethark Ganapathi. It is considered to be most auspicious to behold and to worship the depiction of Lord Ganesha image. It is believed that shwetark ganpati purifies a person and gives success in all spheres of life. Swetharka Mula Ganapathi is the Ganesh idol made on the Calotropis Roots of the self originated Ganesh deity from the Calotropis roots.

The greatness of the white Calotropis Gigantea was quoted in Ganapathy Upanishad as “Thwam Mooladhare Sthithosinithyam’ means the roots of a natural tree (Tella Jilledu) is being considered as very sacred. Valotropis Gigantea – the white Gilledu is also mentioned in Naradadi Purana also. Those who worship Swetharka Ganapathi with full concentration, keen observation and faith shall be blessed.

Lord Ganesha is worshipped in various different forms. Velleruku Ganesha is one of the form of Lord Ganesha worshipped in India. Religious people worship Velleruku Ganesha for wealth, prosperity and fame in life. It is believed that idol of Lord Ganesha gives fruitful results on being worshipped by his devotees.

Velleruku Ganesha provides wealth, wisdom and prosperity. Therefore, the root of Shwetak root is considered to be very auspicious and prosperous. Using this root during Guru Pushya Yoga gives highly beneficial results.

Rituals To Perform Velleruku Ganesha Puja
Establish the idol of Velleruku Ganesha in the east direction of the house. Red cloth, red seat, red flowers, red sandalwood and urad dal is used to worship Shwetark Ganesha. Chant the following mantra while offering your prayers to the lord, “Om Vakratundaya Hum”. Chant this mantra 108 times with devotion and faith to please the lord.

The rituals to worship Velleruku Ganpati can be found in Tantra shastra as well. According to Tantra shastra, establishing this idol brings wealth and prosperity in the life of the observer. The devotees gets freedom from the fear and attack of enemies.He received the blessings of Lord Ganesha for the rest of his life.

Significance of Velleruku Ganesha
Velleruku Ganpati is worshipped on the special ocassion of Diwali to get freedom from all kinds of obstacles and sufferings of life. Worshipping the lord with proper rituals on the night of Diwali ensures success and flow of wealth. The rituals to worship Shwetark Ganpati is very simple as compared to others.

Establishing the idol of Velleruku Ganpati with proper rituals and faith gives prosperous results. Chanting the mantra, “Om Namo Hastimujhaya Lambodaraya Uchishta Mahatmane Aan Krom Him Kalim Him Hum Ghe Ghe Uchishthaya Swaha” everyday for 10 rosary, makes all words accomplished.

Velleruku Vinayakar Idols(Ganesha to veller)

Velleruku Thiri Nool

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