Vastu Sastra Pooja Room

Vastu Shastra for the Pooja: In the days of ancient (Ponnula) days some pujas are said to be done in any room of the house, the prayer room should be built separately. If the puja room is not convenient to keep separate, you can place the puja room in a corner or shelf.

The Pooja Room Placement is good in the Northeast (we have to take to the Pooja room in the northeast corner of this page, we have discussed clearly on the last page, so learn the buttons below on this page). The pooja room in East, South, West and North areas is good. In some homes, people who live in the north-west corner and south-east corner have the images of god Fatihas / God.

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How to be a Karnataka resident Lakshmi Mantra – I want to see his palms and think that Lakshmi, Devi Saraswathi and Govinda (Vishnu) have a deity. The first thing a man sees in the morning is believed to be determined by a day.

Religion (faith):

We all believe one or another religion. The main aspect of any religion is their worship. Such as temple, church, mosque, gurdwara etc. There is always one or the other part of these companies. Why do we all see temples – this is not just for religious reasoning, but also the scientific support behind this process.

In general, temples also have a place where the magnetic waves pass through the earth. In simple terms, these temples are strategically located, which get positive energy from the magnetic wave distribution of north / south pole motions.

Another miracle of God is:

It is with the pleasure and sentiments that share my experiences on this website. My brother, Ashok Kumar Gupta, and Bobby and Mrs. Weena Gupta come from India. I ask them to do their plans because they will come to our home at least three Thursdays. There was a small hall in a room dedicated to the puja, and I planned to clean and change the hall to increase the size.

Another miracle of God is:

God’s Miracles Jai Sari, I am a Sai devotee, 2 years ago I cooked Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessings in the form of ‘Om’. The picture is attached. There is a small temple in our society. On Sai Baba’s Thursday, we will take home the meal after half an hour.

Vastu Shastra to the Pooja room in the kitchen:

Many people are asking about the pooja room in the kitchen and there is a problem for doing so. Now we do not have much space to plan a separate puja hall for our home, especially in the apartment layers, which can be recommended to go with the zero room in the kitchen. Some residents raise questions, saying, “We’re non vegetarian, it’s bad to keep the puja room in the kitchen”. People should think in this phase.


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