Indian Pooja rituals and their importance

Puja is a feature of prayer, prayer, offering or song showing devotion to a deity or divinity. For the majority of Hindus, a divine devotion is the main religious worship. Hindus perform the pooja for attaching god, cultivating these close and personal connections with daily rituals and sacred texts.

God is like a statue

During a pooja, devotees use idol or idol to attach to the Divine, and are the spiritual beings of the gods who portray idols in Hinduism. The deity may appear in the form of a deity or symbol, which can take a structured image or a stone image. Since every deity has a distinct personality, the nature of the pooja varies depending on the deity worshiped.


The usual practice during a Hindu puja is to provide divine gifts that the devotees believe will please God. For example, devotees bring milk by worshiping Shiva, but sweets are generally given to Ganesha. Most well-established deities in popular urban temples often get clean vegetable, jewelery and lands.

Divine transaction

The basic function of Pooja is the exchange between the gods and the gods in domestic and public rituals. The devotees place their loyalty on an object by offering tribute to the gods. Instead, devotees will help to reclaim the Blessing of Blessings, Blessings or Blessings. When the Lord gives the desired gift, the devotee fulfills some of the promises during the exchange or with more offerings.

Divine relationship

As a result of human-God transformation, the devotee builds an endless relationship with a deity. The devotee is not as ritual or useful as God, because self-esteem will emerge from adequate for a relationship with God. This stance is devastating and misleading in a world of ungodliness and purpose.


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