What is pooja?

Prayer power has been well known for centuries and all religious beliefs.

According to Buddhism, the world we live in and everything that happens to us is the result of our past actions. Past harmful acts make unhappy decisions and efficient actions make happy decisions. One way to purify the barriers we suffer because of past wrong action, prayer and worship. A Pooja is a special ceremony where the books need to ask for their blessings or their help.

From the pure motivation of the person who asks the prayers, the power of prayers is created from the pure mind of the people who pray. Prayers made by the appointed servants are particularly powerful and effective as they are based on pure morality. But most importantly, the distinct expressions of the human beings, and the creation of the offerings for the Sangha community increases the happiness, our positive energy. All qualifications are required to be successful.

How to pray pooja

Some prayers help people with certain problems, even if they are global benefits. Always need to ask a lama or other known person to consult zero for a specific situation or problem zero. Copan offers a request for a prayer in various ways, requiring a simple prayer request for your problem or question.

There are three types of obstacles.

World barriers

The day affects our day, life, relationships, business and finance.

Internal barriers

It affects mental and physical health in strong emotions, confusion and related physical problems.

Secret barriers

To prevent the attainment of wisdom, Dharma practiced difficulties in practice.

Poojas for various purposes:

For irappatark

To calm their mind and reduce the fear of death.

For the dead

Guide and guide their minds to the highest level of rebirth and emancipation.


Remove the barriers to mental and physical health.

To be successful in one act

To eliminate obstacles to win all actions, they need to be world or spiritual.


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