Main god : 

Arulmigu  Thindal Velayuthasway

Location : 

Arulmigu VelayuthaSwamy Thirukkoil,

Thindalmalai,Erode- 638 012.

Erode Taluk & District,


Festivals :

Every year,there are many minor festivals and few major festivals are conducted at Thindal.Kandhar Shasti,Thirukkarthigai,Thai Poosam and Panguni Uthiram are the major festivals,Which are attended by pilgrims from Tamil Nadu,Kerala,and other states.This attendance of devotees indicates the National integration of the country.


Chitra Pournami

On this day, a ten-day festival is conducted at Arulmigu Lakshminarayana perumal temple. At the Periyanayakiamman Temple also, Lord Muthukumara Swamy, along with Valli and Deivanai, rides in the silver car along the streets around the Temple.

Vaikasi Festival (Visakam) :

This is celebrated for ten days. At the Perianayaki amman temple, it is celebrated for 10 days with procession every day. There is car festival on the 10th day(i.e Visakam). Visakam is Lord Muruga’s birthday star. This is celebrated at all Murugan Temples. At Thiruchendur also this is observed in a grand manner.


Festivals in Aadi :

Aadi Perukku :

From Perianayaki amman Temple, Lord Kailasanathar and Amman go to Periyavudaiyar Koil and after performing “Kannimar Pooja” return in a procession .

Aadi Krithigai :

This is celebrated in a grand way at Palani. Devotees carry flower-Kavadi to Lord Muruga and Worship.

Aadi Amavasai :

On this day many devotees offer ‘tonsure’ on the banks of Shanmuga River and climb the Hill for worship. In the book of Palani mythology this has been mentioned in the chapter on ‘Shanmuga Nadi’. Devotees consider that they get cleansed of their sins once they bathe in the Shanmuga River


Kandhar Shasti :

This is a very important festival at Palani, during the 6 days in the month of Aippasi (7th Tamil month). This is based on the mythological story of Lord Muruga Killing the demons. On this day only (once in a year) the Lord comes down the Hill, and after vanquishing the demons, ascends the Hill again. This is associated with Kandhar Shasti. The four demons (Gajamugan, Tharagan, Singamugan and Surapadman) are won by the Lord. It is a grand sight to see the dramatic representation of this. On this day devotees observe total fasting as they consider that this will offset all their sins.

Thirukkarthigai :

From Thirugnanasambandar’s statement “Ancient Karthigai day”, we known about the age-old practice of this festival. It falls on Karthigai Day in the Tamil month of Karthigai. It is celebrated for 10 days and daily “Chinna Kumarar” goes in procession in the small golden carriage. On Karthigai day, he goes in the Golden Car. On the 10th day, woman devotees light lamps and worship Murugan. This is done in Thiruvavinankudi, Periyanayagi Amman Temple and the Hill Temple.This is a very important day for devotees. Every month also, an Karthigai day, devotees visit Palani.


Markazhi Pooja :

During the Tamil month of Markazhi (9th month) the Hill Temple opens at 3 A.M, and recital of Thiruvembavai is done. The early morning Pooja is done in all the main Temples in Palani. The recital of Thiruppavai is done at Perumal temple.

Thai Poosam :

This is a very important festival , associated with pilgrimage to Palani. Devotees from Tamil Nadu reach Palani by foot (Pada Yathra) and worship. Begining with flag-hosting at Perianayagiamman Temple, this festival runs on for 10 days. Kavadi of various types (with holy water, sugar, flowers, tender co-conuts, etc., ) are offered to Murugan at Palani.


On the 6th day, there is procession of Lord Muruga with Valli and Deivanai in the Silver Car. During this, Kavadi dance and rural musical-dance are performed. On the 7 th day there is “Thai Thaer” (wooden Car) and thousands of devotees participate in this. On the 7th day “Chinna Kumarar” goes round in His Golden Car

Panguni Uthiram :

This also is a very important festival here, and is celebrated for 10 days, devotees carry Kavadies with holy water (from sacred rivers), sugar, tender co-conut etc. During these 10 days, we can see various rural dances like ”Oyilattam, Thappattam, Dhidumattam,Velanattam, Samiyattam”etc., along with rural songs. The rural music is an important part of Paunguni uthiram festival.

The main feature of Panguni Uthiram is the offering of “Theertham” (Posts of Holy water) from Kodumudi. Lord Palaniandavar is given abhishekam with this holy water. The devotees carrying Kavadi to Palani sing Kavadi – songs throughout their ‘Padayathra’ and these songs are ancient oral songs.


On the 1st day, there is flag hoisting at Thiruvavinankugi Temple and on all the 10 days Lord Muthukumara Swamy with Sri Valli and Sri Deivanai goes in procession around the Palani Hill. On the 7th day there is “Car Festival” and this is attended by thousands of devotees. During these days the Lord also is given special reception and pooja at many ‘mandapams’ in the Palani Adivaram area. It is a grand sight to see Lord Muruga with his concerts during these processions.

Chitra Pournami :

On this day,a ten-day festival is conducted at Arulmigu Lakshminarayana perumal temple.At the Periyanayakiamman Temple also,Lord Muthukumara Swamy,along with Valli and Deivanai,rides in the silver car alond the streets around the temple.

Workship timing: 

6.00 am to 12.00 pm

4.00 pm to 8.30 pm


Temple : 

The beautiful temple enterance is located begining on the natinal highway. The art of Vinayagar, Subramaniyar, ValliTheyvanai, Mayilvakanam, Sivan, Parvathi, Saraswathi, Laxmi is decrated in beautiful arch.

Arasamarathu vinayagar :

The first temple is Arasamarathu vinayagar it is an one of the special for thindal temple. It founded before 40 years.One of the holyest tree in this temple is arasamaram. Nagar pudai sula vinayagar amaindullar.Before the vinayagar vaganam is located.

Siththi vinayagar :

The next temple is siththi also two nagar statue is located.Velayuthaswamy statue is located in Munmandapam.The lenthy steps are starts from here onwords.

Idumban shrine :

Next few steps from Munmandapam Idumban templeis located.The another ame of Idumban is Idumbakkumaran,Idunbasan.


Maga Ganapathi :

Maga Ganapathi is the first shrine in thindalmalai .It is called an Thala Vinayagar.

Velayuthaswamy shrine:

Uchava Moorthikal:

The beautiful art of uchava moorty statue located here.The line of uchava moorthikal are Vinayagar,Velayuthaswamy,Subramaniyar, Valli Deivanai and near by peacock. And third statue is Velayuthaswamytemple.

Thannasi cave:

Thannasi cave is located northwest side from the Velayuthaswamy temple. In day of karthigai deepam the first pooja in thannasi cave is an one of the special for thannasi cave.Nagar statue also located in thannasi cave.

Theertha sunai is located northeast side from the thindalmalai.The area of thindalmalai is 2.43.5 hectare.and height is 60 meter

History : 

hindal is located in erode to perundurai road. It is an 8 k.m from erode.People strongly believe that there is abundance of prosperity in Erode, because Lord Thindal Muruga is facing towards Erode.The another name for lord thindal is Thindalmalai murugan, Velayuthaswamy , Kulanthi velayuthaswamy, Kumara velayuthaswamy ,etc..,

Some other names of thindal is like Thindalpalayam,Thindalmangalam, Thindalpudur, Thindalmalai Thindalgiri,Melaithindal,keelaithindal.

These names are in Elakkiyam,kalvettu,seppaadu.varalatru Avanam.Thindu is meaning of baruman.Barumanana malai is called as thindal malai.

Thirisadi Arachanai” is the famous pooja conducted in Tuesday of every week. This pooja is mainly for Marriage, child birth, job disturbance, prevent from enemy , etc… Thirisadi pooja timimg – 10.30A.m, 12.30P.m, 5.30P.m , 7.30P.m…….. Arachanai fees Rs.50.00 per person.

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