Mango as the spiritual guide

This is mango. I remember that … Acharya Nagarjuna is a great Indian philosopher. Many traditions refer to Tantri Acharya, in some other traditions he is considered as an Ayurvedic expert and an alchemist from others, but he is still missing a story associated with gardening.

I’m not surprised if I believe that some traditions make him a horticulturist. But as far as his knowledge of mama is concerned, he is universally accepted as natural and general wisdom.

In his letter Nagarjuna speaks to the king about a variety of mangoes.

They can be classified by their appearance and ripening types: 1) They are ripe but ripe; 2) That is ripe but not ripe; 3) That appears to be damaged and ripe; And 4) that appears ripe and ripe. He explained the people we see in our daily lives.

Based on the priority, this applies to the last type of mango we have to choose because it is ready to serve, and there is no risk of waste products. The second option, in my opinion, is to be paid until the second.

Because it does not cheat you, you can now reject it or wait to get it ripe. Then the selection queue must be specified in the next number 2. This includes some possibilities, but at least you can use it after a few tests.

One of the things you must avoid is the first type of mangoes. Choosing Mango in any case is not a big deal, it is not important, whether it’s a Galiniyimirida or a spiritual friend or a partner in normal matters.

If we look around these days, the first type of mangoes is not the famine of the people who have been compared to Nagarjuna. They have special tactics to plot themselves as friends. Not only are they seeking the spiritual path but also to the whole community.


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