1.The location and structure of the temple

Temples have deliberate temples in the north and south latitudes of the bush magnetic and electric wavelengths available in favor of energy. The main center of the temple is a statue of God called “Garbhagriha” or “Moolasthanam”. The statue is set in the temple and the elegant wave is placed in the center of the center. This is the place where the earth’s magnetic waves are very active.

2.Removal of your footwear before entering the temple

Places where the magnets of magnets and power particles have positive vibrations. In the ancient days, landing at the center of the temple is good conductors of these positive vibrations, which allow our feet to pass on the body. So when you enter the main center of the temple you should walk empty.

3.Sense implemented

Five senses of the human body are sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. The temple is carried out by the following actions: If you are sure that all five emotions are functioning in your body while in the temple, the positive energy of the temple is absorbed. Worship is only happy if your five feelings are happy.

4.Ringing Temple Bell

The main statue is placed before the people visiting the temple before entering the temple complex . These bells make a similarity in the left and right parts of our brain when they create a sound. This is a sharp and durable sound that occurs at least 7 seconds when we are clocking hours. The epoch’s time is enough to carry seven healing centers in our body. It is our brain that is empty from all the negative thoughts. This rain sound is absorbed in the embryo for a specified period and vibrates within the bowl.

5.Idol is a camphor of light at the forefront 

The inner core of the temple is usually dark, where a statue is placed. If you regularly pray to your eyes, open your eyes, you should see the camphor that you had built to do before the idol. This light found in the dark inside helps your vision. There is another reason for the light to absorb heat, and for some time to create vibrations within the Kharhakuti.

6.Keep your hands on Camphor flames

When camphor is brought to you after praying, keep your hands warm on the camphor to wash your hands warmly and touch your eyes by touching your eyes. This touch ensures that your touch sensitive is active.

7.Give flowers to God in the temple

The floral, the good, the good smell spreads, the soft to the touch, the honey that gives the flower to the flower is suitable for use in this angle temple. Specific flowers are used only for the god based on various factors such as rose petals, orchids, ash, which are very important to the aroma. The floral, camphor and the voice of the instrument are all combined together to keep your smell and the peace of mind.

8.The drinking Theertham

The next part of your law is to drink thermal or a copper mixture. Water used for tirrhosis should be basically dipped in basil leaves in water and stored at least eight hours in copper vessel. According to Ayurvedic, water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to keep three thozas in your body (vata, kapha and pitta) in balance. Enjoy the sense of taste by drinking this thulsi water. Other advantages of drinking water from a copper or silver vessel can also reduce sleep injuries, fever and common cold, cough, respiratory failure, kidney stone and heart failure.

9.Doing Pradakshina Around The Garbhagriha/Moolasthanam

Finally, after performing all the rituals above, walk around the idol at the Garbhagirha in the temple, which goes in the direction of the temple nine times. The right side of Sanskrit means the literature of Pradakshina. In the Garbhagirha inside the idol bell, camphor warms and warms the perpendicular energy for a certain period of time. When you are doing this at the time, you are absorbing these positive vibrations when your five senses are activated. This vibration in the fetus is significantly less. It is therefore advisable to visit the temple and follow the same rituals.

10.Thilak / Kumkam offered by the temple priest will apply

On the forehead, between two eyebrows, a place considered to be an important nerve point in the human body from ancient times. Tilak believes in “energy” loss, Red ‘Vermula’ between the eyebrows is said to maintain the energy of the human body and control the varying levels of enrichment. When using the saffron, the middle curved area and Adnia-chakra spots are pressed automatically. It also helps in the treatment of muscles in the face.

11.Give coconuts and bananas to God

Coconut and banana are the only fruits in this world, which are considered “sacred fruits”. All other fruits are dirty fruits (partially eaten fruits). For example, apple tree is grown from one another’s fruit seed and is considered fruit dirty. In coconut and bananas, no shell or shirt can be used. To grow a coconut tree, sow the whole coconut and grow banana tree with a model. Coconuts and bananas play an important role in all religious activities. Our ancestors discovered this truth long ago, and it became an institution that followed religion.

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