1.Shiva is easily pleased.

Lord Shiva is known to offer some blessings to the devotees, even if they are truly wicked. He is called the Bholenath, the innocent, because he is pure in heart, kindly easy to do. If you love him and worship him, if there are some defects and weaknesses, his love and compassion can be sure.

2.He is very unusual

Siva breaks up all social practices and morals to declare his freedom. He is the god of tactics. By directing the way of worship, he allows all kinds of duality and inducing evil thoughts to break the verdict. You do not have to worry about what you are eating, how you live, what you follow, what practices you are doing and what caste or social background you have.

3.He is the Lord’s body

Siva represents the tamas, which is the main part of an organism. In the life of a living Lord Shiva is formed in the form of a soul. If you want your body to be cleaned and changed, first you must pray to Lord Shiva, destroy all your impurities and make your progress easier in the path.

4.It is easy to worship him.

You do not need a priest service to worship Lord Shiva. You can go to any Shiva temple and pray directly or pray to Him in your heart and give you anything with love. You will get direct contact with Lord Shiva. He will direct your prayers directly.

5.He will accept your anger and will tolerate it

Sivan sometimes gets frightened anger and unleashes his destructive forces. Nobody wants to see Shiva’s anger and the gods, because he can do terrible things when he is angry. This means that you can accept your anger as a feature of Shiva and not a criminal.

6.He is a good husband

Shirdi Parvati considers his wife, love and respect. He did only an indifferent part of her, but confirmed that she would receive equal respect by compromising with him. Many Hindu men and gods like Vishnu and Brahma do not even consider it necessary. If there is a God who truly has our love and respect, anyone who reflects today’s value is Lord Shiva.

7.He is a family

Shiva loves his family and children as he loves his devotees. He’s a very long gods and ghats, who he likes to love and spend time with his company. Learn about family values ​​from Shiva, the importance of love and concern.

8.He has great powers

Lord Shiva is immensely powerful. He destroys our suffering, the poison of human life, and makes our spiritual growth easier, our ignorance like ignorance, self-esteem, illusion, attachment and pride. If you are looking for a change or direction in your life, he is the perfect deity of worship.

9.He is the Lord of animals

Shiva is great love and compassion for all animals. He defends disease, death and destruction. So he is also called Pashupatinath. If you love animals, if you want to save them from the cruelty, you should not worship anyone except Shiva and ask them to give them a good birth in their next life.

10.He will give you wisdom and knowledge

Shiva is the author of the world. In the form of Ganga, all knowledge is from him, especially the liberated knowledge. He is the source of all art, crafts and science. He is a good musician, dancer and singer. Since Shiva is chosen as your mantra and is to worship him, there is no better Guru than Lord Shiva in the entire creation.

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