1.Cosmic energy

Going into the temple is the best way to clean your body and soul. In virtually all forms of worship, the existence of the universe / meditation / rituals / etc is believed to be rotating around the cosmic energy circuits of the universe by being a movement point in the universe, the point in the temple or place of worship. When we enter in some places, we feel peace and calm. Because the place is full of vibrations of the universe / magic / divine ideas, and has the power of the universe for that place. He who comes to the holy place is the cosmic power. When the cosmic energy enters the person, the person is believed to have drastic changes in the person’s body and the body of the astral body if the energy can not pass out of the ground. Although cosmic energy is positive and beneficial, it is believed that all human bodies can not handle that kind of energy.

A lightning tail attached to the lightning discharge power “earth” lightning, if a building is implanted, the human body requires the cosmic meanings of the earth, which many schools of thought dropped in the early morning to “reconnect” with Earth’s power. It is also said that not only does the earth chakra work in the human body but also release the negative energy from our body.

This is the main reason why they should take their shoes or shoes in places for worship. When cosmic energy passes through the person, the person will clean up any diseased or negative energy through positive cosmic energy. But the same zoology of positive energy should fit here in the sense of negative energy. Why, ever, we need to be refreshed in a place of negative energy.

2.Respect for God

Vedic culture views God as perfect. So the objects of the Lord are also respected and even worship. This is an important aspect of understanding God through the Bible. Not only do you learn to worship God, but we also respect and respect, his temple, his servants, his nature, and his creations. But this is made clear through the clear understanding that this worship is due to their relationship with God and that these are either God or not God.

Shoes are usually dirty, so they take them because they do not contaminate God’s house. They should wash their faces, hands, faces before worshiping them. There was a traditional concept to take the bath and make it completely clean. The temple has a lot of temples near the temple. Now one day we are lazy. So we will follow at least wash shoes and feet, remove shoes and feet.

Before going to the temple floor or temple, a devotee first touches his head or touches his head or touches the ground and then touches his hand. Before putting the feet on the temple. These are part of the temple worship priesthood.

This teaches us how to be totally obedient to God. If you want to respect the king, you should respect his ministers, his army, the messenger and his palace. Because the king is not alone. Is not the king’s court or the kingdom dishonored?

The only shoe that is allowed inside a temple is called kata.

It is indicated by the priests and the work within the temple.

A compass is in the old style. It is made of wood.

Modern modern shoes are not considered sacred. We are now making boots in shoes that we use. They get dirty soon enough.

Maybe, maybe even more. Keeping in mind the tenderness of the softwood, the electromagnetic and the electromagnetic fields of heat (trees that do not fire boots!).


Before you come to the temple, you may have seen the whole city. Colonial control of shoes may have a clean sanitary stuff. It is common knowledge that people do not wear shoes, eat and pray. It is customary to remove the footwear before entering the house of the Lord. Or any home for that matter. It is believed that the germs go from the streets to dust and dirt. People can not enter any temple before washing their hands and feet. This is an example of how the Hindus maintain their environment clean and clean.

4.In Hindu and unity religions, most of the shoes are considered to be taken to the temple. You can look great in North India. Between temples and other religions, wearing wooden poles called “foot”.

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