The best home remedies for a cough


The following recipe will help you with a fever, cold or irritating in the throat when your diagnosis persists.

1.Honey Syrup

First, honey softens your throat and helps eliminate viruses and bacteria. So, if you’re not feeling well, we recommend firsthand tea.

Required things

  • 1 lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (25 g)
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil (15 g)


  • First, squeeze the lemon and put the juice in a container.
  • Then add the honey and coconut oil.
  • Mix well and drink twice a day

2.Garlic Sugar Soup

An excellent antiseptic garlic that helps you in your coughing days. In addition, this recipe is most suitable for the common fever.

Required things

  • 1 cup water (250 ml)
  • 2 Garlic cloves
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar (30 g)


  • First, garlic cloves peel and finely chopped.
  • Second, put a pot and sugar in the garlic and sugar.
  • Next, boil for 15 minutes and then remove from heat.
  • Enjoy a drinking water at a temperature.
  • Repeat several times a day.

3.Anise tea

With its distinctive flavor, anise is a great solution for treating throat and cough.

Required things

  • Anise seed 2 teaspoons (20 g)
  • 1 cup water (250 ml)
  • Be as hot as possible, drink this tea three times a day.


  • First, sprinkle the seeds of anise and place them in a pot.
  • Then add water and bring to a boil. Boil for 15 minutes.
  • Next, remove from heat and sit for another 5 minutes.
  • Strain before drinking (willingly sweetened with honey).

4.Fig Tea

This delicious fruit is infinite advantages and very nutritious. Hot figs are usually fallen down by generations.

Required things

  • 3 figs
  • 1 cup water (250 ml)


  • First, the figs should be thrown away and pulp.
  • Then place it in a pot with water and cook for 10 minutes.
  • Finally, remove from heat and sit for 5 minutes.
  • Filter as hot as possible. We recommend drinking tea this morning and at night.

5.Onion Soup

Onion is a wonderful antioxidant like garlic. It works in colds, fever and cough.

Besides eating salads, you can enjoy it with a scrappy soup.

Required things

  • 2 liters of water
  • 1 kg onion
  • 8 tablespoons of honey (200 g)
  • 2 cups sugar (400 g)


  • First, put a pot and boil water.
  • Then, onion and julien onion.
  • Next, add the onion, honey and sugar to the boiling water already.
  • Then boil for 15 minutes and remove from heat.
  • Cool, strain, and put a glass jar or bottle on top.
  • Have 3 teaspoons a day.

6.Cinnamon ginger tea

Both products are known for their distinctive taste and fragrance. Here, we remove your cough and connect them with cloves to create the perfect tea.

Required things

  • 1 cup water (250 ml)
  • 1 teaspoon coconut ginger (10 g)
  • Sprinkled cinnamon (1 teaspoon / 10 g)
  • 1 teaspoon cloves (10 g)
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (25 g)


  • First, boil water.
  • When it is full boiling, add ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.
  • Then cook for 15 minutes and remove from heat.
  • Finally, strain and sweeten with honey.
  • Drink in the morning and at night (two cups a day)

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