Ayurveda is a magic ingredient and an important part of religious customs and traditions, a symbol of prosperity, a refreshing and lush fruit, commonly known as Pan Patta, has a special place in the Hindu tradition. The origin of Southeast Asia, the leaves are the same as the sacred tulsi plant in many homes. But even in every traditional habit, we never thought of the reasons for ham leaf contact with many traditions.

Rituals were performed with betel leaves

This is the tradition of giving two types of guests to every guest in South India, in a region called ‘Old Mysore’. A wedge and a coin is placed to provide dakshina for priests and elders in South India. Similarly, Assamese offers guests a treat for guests. This is a digestive tract, especially after the meal of Pan Key Bad Chewing. Leaf leaves are used for decorating the kiwi (pot) used to perform various religious rituals by purifying water.

Mythological bond

According to Ramayana, when he came to Sri Lanka to commemorate Shri Hanuman’s message to Sita devi, he gave him a evening with Welwell when he did not get anything else as a sign of happiness and praise. People do not have the chance to win Shri Hanuman.

In the Mahabharata, the leaf leaf played a significant role. Arjun is believed to have been asked to buy a winner after the gurukulu needed to start Yagnya after the victory over the evil forces in Rajaugya Yagnya. Arjun had to go to the kingdom of the city, and the queen would ask him to give him a winner. That is why this empty leaf is called Nag-Velli or Nagarbel.

Identity of marriage and love

According to the traditions in many Southeast Asian countries, a mixture of Betel leaf and Areca nuts can not be separated as a symbol of loyalty in their love and a strong bond. Thus, when the bride and groom’s parents talked about their wedding plans for the first time to give good luck, a bronze leaf and the Alaska nut became a tradition.

There is a popular claim in Malaya that  “bagaikan pinang dibelah dua” which means that the newly wedded coupis the newly married couple who are now partially compatible with each other by being partially divided into leaflets. It is also considered a fertility symbol and is used by many traditions of Indian weddings.

Scientific and Ayurvedic

According to Ayurvedic, some of the elements that help cure the diseases caused by wilt and bleeding in empty leaves. According to the veterans in Sanskrit, phosphate leaf juice is often recommended as a solution for the affected ears and pulse formation and can be cured in the head using it on the head.

Vitamin C, iron, carotene, fiber, potassium, iodine and thiamine are widely used in olive medicine. It can be used to prevent bad teeth, cure ulcers and acne, cough relief and heal breathing disorders such as bronchitis.

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